Recommended by Kara Lee Corthron

  • The Chosen Ones
    19 Dec. 2015
    Fascinating look at Nazi monstrousness through an unexpected lens. This play is full of surprises while being funny, disturbing, and painful all at once. I want to see this production!
    1 Dec. 2015
    Beautiful, funny, and gut wrenching play about the collision between the destruction of our world and the economic collapse of our communities. And regular people doing their best to survive despite it all. Produce it!
  • Pieces of Penelope
    2 Aug. 2015
    Painful, thoughtful, beautiful. A lovely and spare play on Homer's epic poem."
  • peerless (aka untitled high school macbeth, hsmb)
    2 Aug. 2015
    This play is hilarious, horrifying, delightful, and the stuff of nightmares. I will say no more. Read it, see it, produce it!!"
  • Elijah
    30 Jul. 2015
    This play is so dark and fun! Read it!