Recommended by Eric Marlin

  • Kal & Dija Save the World
    18 Oct. 2022
    KAL & DIJA SAVE THE WORLD is an extraordinary piece that entwines documentary theatre, meta-commentary, and youthful imagination to paint a vivid portrait of Bay Ridge. The piece benefits from a gorgeously complex collection of interviews with Bay Ridge residents, whose views on cultural preservation, assimilation, nationalism, and activism vary widely. Ibrahim shows great skill in how she orchestrates and pairs these interviews, and the work's visual imagination brings us somewhere wilder and more theatrical than one could ever expect. Highly recommend!
  • The Hummingbirds
    7 Mar. 2021
    A delightfully smart play, that begins light and playful, then burrows and burrows to reveal a frightening underbelly.
  • Tough
    30 Nov. 2020
    A staggering play that is unsentimental in its examination of the bonds between young women caught in an extreme set of circumstances, where cruelty and caring exist side by side. Despite its dark storytelling, it is never sensationalistic, and is always loving in how seriously it takes its characters.
  • P o l a r i s (a tragedy expansion pack)
    18 Sep. 2020
    A gorgeous examination of grief. "Polaris" is both structurally innovative and deeply human, a play that distances you enough from the central pain it's exploring that, when you are confronted by it again, it is all the more startling. An extraordinary play.
  • Bell at the Back of Her Throat
    17 Sep. 2020
    Meaker is an absolutely top-notch writer, who combines high-concept world building with psychologically complex characters. "Bell at the Back of Her Throat" is high tragedy filtered through horror and suspense, a bracing condemnation of the insidious creep of misogyny. A gorgeously theatrical cry from the heart, as intelligent as it is frightening.
  • FEAST.
    27 Aug. 2020
    A dense, gorgeous play vibrating with rage, grief and, most radically, hope. "Feast" raises contemporary political issues to the level of myth, without ever losing sight of the immediate consequences of what is discussed. A stellar, stellar play.