Recommended by Emily Elyse Everett

  • Simon Says
    15 Jul. 2023
    A shocking play that manages to be truly, deeply scary in just 30 minutes. All of the horror here comes directly from Moughon's precise and intricately set-up dialogue, which drives the heart of this perfectly-constructed psychological horror and delivers a chilling end. A masterclass in horror that doesn't need flashy bells and whistles—it's all there in the writing.
  • Founders, Keepers
    15 Jul. 2023
    A piece that captures the grandeur of American political decline and the intimacy of contemporary girlhood, Founders, Keepers shows Behlke's attention to detailed, nuanced, characters, laugh-out-loud, unexpected comedy, and caring attention to contemporary society that left me thinking about this play for hours. An honest, raw, and somehow also empathetic perspective on what it means to be a young person in America today.
  • Worm Teeth
    15 Jul. 2023
    A delightful, off-the-wall, high-octane fable that showcases Sullivan's singular creative voice and freedom as a writer. One leaves Worm Teeth not just reflecting on the limits of who we are born to be and what we can dream for ourselves, but also wondering how on earth Sullivan delivers such unexpected, creative, and unique stories with every play. Can't wait to see it again!
  • Monarchs
    14 Jul. 2023
    I had the pleasure of weeping through this play at the 2023 Valdez Theatre Conference, where Frimer's impressively complex and empathetic characters reach for each other with an earnest, touching glimmer of magic. A moving story of coming out, wanting to be loved, and trying to love others. I cannot recommend this play enough!
  • The Bed Trick
    14 Jul. 2023
    A razor-sharp, delightfully clever, and poignant reflection on a classical trope. I had the pleasure of seeing a reading of The Bed Trick at the 2023 Valdez Theatre Conference, and was rapt with the unapologetic and confident power in Blevins' writing, which takes the audience from comedy to uneasy complicity in a tightly-coiled 30 minutes. A perfectly structured, perfectly executed play that can and should accompany nearly any Shakespeare.
  • Is This All This Is
    14 Jul. 2023
    A nuanced, loving look at the realities of being young, autistic, and nonbinary in America—for all of its joys and sorrows. Osmundsen's characters are realistic and so easy to love, complex and rich, and earnestly reaching for each other in all of their faults. I loved seeing these portrayals of autistic & nonbinary characters and Osmundsen's delightful dialogue and humor. A lovely play!
  • Our Black Death: Plagues, Turnips, and Other Romantic Gestures
    31 May. 2022
    I loved Carpenter's style— her writing is unique, whimsical, and specific, present from the very first scene. The play manages to be poignant and silly at the same time, and raises questions that are deeply relevant in a during- and post-pandemic era.
  • Hermione
    22 May. 2022
    A charming and delightful Shakespeare mash-up that hits all of the right buttons: whip-smart comedy, unexpected twists, and a truly touching ending. Great for a Shakespeare nerd, but also accessible for those who have never read Othello or The Winter's Tale!
  • happy life
    22 May. 2022
    Reading this play feels like putting together the pieces of a fascinating, magical, and at times horrifying puzzle. I was thrilled and delighted by Ng's voice and her ability to bring so much many stories together into what was such a unique, singular dramatic experience.
  • A Godawful Small Affair
    24 Dec. 2020
    While there are many things to enjoy about this play - unabashed sexuality, delightful hallucinations, sweet and sometimes sour romance - what I was most impressed by was how St. James captured the awe and instability of a new relationship that is pushed into unexpectedly deep intimacy. Jodie and Nessa love each other in exactly the way young people who have been in a relationship for a relatively short period of time do, and St. James leans into this deeply relatable stage of romance adeptly. A charming and at times sobering view of covid isolation.