Daphne Macy

Daphne Macy

Daphne Macy is an Israeli-American writer and actress. She studied at the Lee Strasberg Institute and holds a BA in Communications and Film from Tel Aviv University. Her work was included in festivals and programs such as CineWomen Magazine, Chicago Blow Up Art House Festival, NewFilmmakers NYC, NYCLife, and CrossingsTV. She was also a semifinalist for Playwrights Realm’s Writing Fellowship and for the Premiere Stages Play Festival.


  • Cacti
    3 women, 1 boy, 1 child of any gender.

    How far can you run in 15 seconds? If you lived in the Israeli towns that are close to the border with Gaza, your life would depend on it. Cacti tells the story of an Israeli middle school biology teacher who attempts to decide between her past, her family, and all that is familiar, to her calling and feeling of safety in the world.
  • Genesis
    5 women, 3 men (other doubling options are possible).

    Emunah, an 85-year-old Israeli woman of Yemenite descent, is detained at Customs and Border Control in Newark Airport. Izzy, a 17-year-old Korean-American high school senior, is working on her college application essay and HATING every minute of it. Both of these strangers are searching for something from their past, which holds a missing piece of their identities.
  • Private Moments
    4 women, 1 man, 3 actors who move of any gender.

    At 18, Mika secretly writes poetry, fears roaches, and falls in love for the first time. She's also given an M-16 and told she's now in charge of guarding a military base. Private Moments is a coming-of-age story that strives to break misconceptions of what it's like to be a female IDF soldier. (Spoiler: Not everyone is a Gal Gadot-esque Wonder Woman.)
  • Validation
    2 women, 1 man (off-stage).

    Gracie has been absent from work for an entire week, since returning from a work trip. Her boss, Sheryl, thinks she knows why. Can a c-suite exec who didn’t grow up in the era of #MeToo and an introverted Millennial have an open, unapologetic conversation about appropriate workplace behavior?
  • A+
    1 woman, 1 man.

    Lily hasn't seen her uncle, Bob, in two years. He arrives at her home, out of nowhere, on the night of her college graduation party with seven dollars, a childhood painting, and with some things to say. Can they mend their relationship, or will the event that came between them keep looming over their heads?
  • Homesick
    1 woman, 1 man.

    A recent college graduate is packing a suitcase at her home. Her father nervously watches, knowing this might be their last night living under the same roof. Emotions are high, as both father and daughter dread the moment of saying goodbye.