Recommended by Matt Cogswell

  • The Christmas Commercial Conspiracy
    23 Dec. 2022
    "I haven't got the energy to both screw and educate."
    End of review.
    Okay, I'll continue. Williams brings his typical wit to this piece and still makes a point about advertising for the "most wonderful time of the year."
  • Va-Va-Vicarious
    22 Dec. 2022
    A charming meet cute begins this piece. This love letter to writers tackles the big common assumptions of what a writer should be, but when Ruyle begins to strip down these two as, dare I say, human beings, that humanity is charming. The playwright's own vast knowledge of the great writers adds to the magic of this flirtatious short play.
    22 Dec. 2022
    Asher Wyndham consistently demonstrates the ability to create powerhouse performance pieces for actors. This is a short play in itself, with its extra "sounds" and imagined interviewer that echoes the character's artistic work. This character is overqualified for the job, and that is revealed in a fast-paced act of desperation that rings too close to home for many artists. A master class in monologue writing.
  • Devil's Triangle
    21 Dec. 2022
    Flirty. Funny. Wry. I enjoyed Jake's one-liners. The love between Jake and Greg is clear. Greg's comment about actors' one job is perfect. The theatrical metaphors continue and encapsulate the struggle with being closeted with those who should be closest to us. Then the mood changes. Bill is the perfect foil for Jake's torment. His role, like the others, would be a challenge for an actor to grapple. The stakes keep getting raised in Cantrell's piece. The final scene reads like music, and it would be fascinating to see this produced.
  • Secret Ingredient
    20 Jun. 2022
    What a spicy nugget of ambush browsing at a bake sale. To make an obvious pun, the final line is biting.
    6 Mar. 2022
    I came for the title, and the payoff was great. Lermond creates an engaging direct address narrative, filled with fun language. The piece is relatable.
  • I.T.S. (In the Syllabus)
    6 Mar. 2022
    Oh yes, this is relatable. This is an amusing short piece that effectively captures those students who make us question our teaching careers.
  • Ice Cream in Winter
    9 Feb. 2022
    This is a gorgeous piece, with well-defined characters revealed in natural dialogue. The ongoing pandemic's psychological devastation is practically a third character in this two-hander. The dialogue unfolds naturally. A moment involving a mask says so much about the detachment many of us are still feeling.
  • The Play About a Happy Ending Without a Happy Ending
    9 Feb. 2022
    This dark comedy is a great vehicle for two actors. The dialogue is rapid and witty, while also offering some serious commentary on personal boundaries. I enjoyed the use of short, detached dialogue that eventually explodes in the characters. In what seems to be a DC Cathro trademark, a turn at the end reveals an interesting character arc.
  • Stop Laughing Without Me
    24 Nov. 2021
    Oh, how the Pinter reference made me laugh. Williams once again demonstrates his knowledge of how the theater world works (and how it doesn't at times). Theater is supposed to make you uncomfortable, indeed.