Recommended by Laura Scruggs

  • The Sunset Tour
    27 Jun. 2022
    Wow, one of the best ten minute plays I have ever read. Very unpredictable and deep. I love the family theme and the part about the Coyolxauhqui.
    24 Jun. 2022
    What a touching play. I love that the hero is a person with a disability. And, this play deals so well and so gently with such an important and tragic topic. Also, the setting of a thrift store is very charming and fits in well with telling the story.
  • FUKT
    30 Jan. 2021
    A truly inspiring, vulnerable tale of hope.

    A few of my favorite moments:

    "I have to tell it so they can understand, so they can really experience what it's like to be acknowledged like that, to be seen."

    "It's theatre and theatre magic. We've believed in it ever since we got to save Tinkerbell when we were five."

    "You have to let it work. You have to let us try."

    "I don't tell anyone...I don't even tell myself."

    And, BOBBIE is not crazy. Yes! Women are often seen that way, this is so validating.

    And there is a zombie!

  • Vagina of Vengeance
    29 Jan. 2021
    This is one of the most unique premises I have ever seen! Brilliant, insightful, thought-provoking and funny. I love that the woman's vagina has a mind of its own.
  • A Rare Bird
    29 Jan. 2021
    This is one of my favorite plays I've read in a long time. Truly transportive. One of the best examples of magical realism I've seen. So unpredictable and well-written. If I ever audition again and need a monologue, I think I'll use one from this play!
  • Jo The Wolf
    28 Dec. 2020
    I love this play about finding your voice.

    It’s also about how others may not be who you think they are.

    I also love the themes of pretend and not belonging.

    It’s also about the expectations that society unfairly places upon many and figuring that out as you grow up and seek out identity.

    This play has real stakes.

    Hurst’s humor is amazing.

    I also like the part that involves different kinds of creatures needing each other and collaborating to solve a problem.

    This is an excellent play for all ages.

    You will go on an adventure!
  • The Nice Girl & The Scrub (Monologue)
    2 Jun. 2020
    I love this theme of no longer being the nice girl and of something good coming out of COVID-19.
  • Death of an Actor
    3 May. 2020
    Wow. So vulnerable and well-written. A real piece of authentic theatre history and also very current. So real and a fantastic story of two true friends and sobriety. I feel that this play will go far. Riveting. Also a great story about what it means to live and do the work. Visceral, heart-wrenching, thought-provoking; I'll be thinking about this one for a while. Can't wait to see it onstage. A great statement about the theatre & film business as well. You find the light in the darkness in this show.
  • Talk to Me About Home (a ten minute play)
    3 May. 2020
    I love this play. It captures so much about the importance of childhood and the familiar and the meaning of home.