Recommended by Ryan Fogarty

  • Isle Royale
    11 Dec. 2019
    A haunting, nostalgic play about young men on the way to finding themselves in the woods. Jeffrey's dialogue feels true to these young boys' lives and time in which they lived, with an atmosphere that is as scary and anxiety-inducing as any teenage boy's life! Great opportunity for a director and designers here to stage scary, action-based elements. I'd love to see this camping journey on its feet!
  • Ada
    10 Nov. 2019
    A surprising and timely play set in a not-too-distant dystopian future. It brought to mind Isaac Asmimov while feeling completely grounded in the #metoo era. The play is a fast-paced thriller and packs many emotional punches. Though it features an intimate cast it offers a wide scope on humanity. Extremely producible, extremely thought-provoking!
  • Hunting BigFoot
    1 Nov. 2019
    Theresa's play is a hilarious representation of just how we look at everything today in a TV writer’s room culture which extends past, well, the writer’s room to all our lives as cultural consumers: we simply sacrifice accuracy for entertainment. We had/have many BigFoots in our history: John Muir. Ken Burns. P.T. Barnum. Dorothy Parker. Josephine Baker. Garbo. They’re all there. This delightfully surprising, cool, dry, witty comedy is about the myths of America. And admirably and irreverently remind us there is only one myth: America itself. Bravo!
  • Outer Banks
    26 Oct. 2019
    Set in New Bern, NC and it’s environs, Foglia beautifully uses local sea-color and history to infuse this story of grief with both whimsy and fear. The fraught-ness of family grief, blame, and forgiveness is on full display here and once we think there will be catharsis we remember after such loss it might never be possible.
  • #GodHatesYou
    17 Oct. 2019
    This play was triggering-ly funny as well as honest and heartbreaking about the painful journey some of us have gone through to escape the hypocrisy of the religions on which we’re raised. Emily makes Laurel’s intimate story feel vital and universal, featuring contemporary dialogue and rich discussions of theology, Twitter feed/online worlds and a fast-paced, action-packed trajectory. Each character is nuanced and comes at their faith and understanding of it from many points of view. I thoroughly enjoyed!
  • ...and a dog named Jesus
    6 Oct. 2019
    A wonderfully dark dive into the underbelly of Seattle where the setting of a MegaChurch as front for the local opioid epidemic is all too hilariously plausible. And, there's a romantic comedy underneath. ...and a dog names Jesus is all at once madcap, grounded in our dark worldly realities, and promotes strong female characters. Samantha's dialogue is full of comedic gut punches and modern-day delectable cynicism. The piece is also highly theatrical and I long to see it staged - explosions (dialogue or otherwise...) and all!
  • Reykjavík
    16 Jun. 2018
    There is no other playwright who gives me a sense of dread that I love so much. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time with Reykjavik.