Recommended by Andrea Aptecker

  • Soft Bunny Fluff, A MONOLOGUE
    29 Jan. 2023
    This is a beautiful monologue. It's a gentle and unsparing peek into rural life. I'm certain the person she dedicated the piece to (Dan B.) would be delighted.
  • Windfall
    22 Jan. 2023
    A clever story about ... insurance! And class differences. Beautifully written.
  • The Pity Mourner (Ten Minute)
    20 Jan. 2023
    I found this play utterly charming and elegantly written. What a lovely story about loneliness, and hope.
  • Chemistry
    13 Sep. 2022
    This was lovely, so funny and bittersweet and unique. I love the idea of someone getting paid to deliver in-person messages (or rants) to people in the neighborhood, it's so charming and weird. And the idea of having chemistry is masterfully woven throughout the play. This script is special.
  • OCCUPY HALLMARK a ten-minute play
    25 Jul. 2022
    What a wonderful story about finding love in the most unusual of ways: two people who abhor consumerist romance, and yet find each other in an unlikely meet-cute way (or meet-weird). A charming comedy.
  • The United Plays of America - Kansas
    18 Jan. 2022
    This was magical and heartwarming play about sisters and love and imagination. I'm so looking forward to reading the rest of the States Collection. Fabulous!
    18 Jan. 2022
    What a strange monologue: I love people on the edge: the edge of sanity, the edge of reason, the edge of falling into the abyss. The woman with the violin is on the edge, and it's completely fabulous.
  • All of the Napkins are Wet (a monologue) (Playing on the Periphery #1)
    22 Sep. 2021
    I just read this monologue in my class with my students, who found Daphne absolutely charming, refreshing, and delightfully zany. A really fun read, and a great monologue for an actor!
  • Birthday Beer
    15 Sep. 2021
    This romantic comedy goes from goofy laughs and quips, to something incredibly charming and lovely. So much fun!
  • How Do You Fall Out Of Love With Country Music?
    17 Jun. 2021
    I found myself holding my breath as I read this monologue, worried the whole time that Amy was going to come to harm by the end of the scene. It's a funny and moving play that addresses politics, race, and a love of country music-- and I was on the edge of my seat.