Recommended by Andrea Aptecker

  • The States Collection - Kansas
    18 Jan. 2022
    This was magical and heartwarming play about sisters and love and imagination. I'm so looking forward to reading the rest of the States Collection. Fabulous!
  • Under the Mistletoe
    18 Jan. 2022
    This is delightful and charming -- the innocence of the little boy and the growing ire of dad: a perfectly crafted, quick, funny, holiday play.
    18 Jan. 2022
    What a strange monologue: I love people on the edge: the edge of sanity, the edge of reason, the edge of falling into the abyss. The woman with the violin is on the edge, and it's completely fabulous.
  • All of the Napkins are Wet (a monologue) (Playing on the Periphery #1)
    22 Sep. 2021
    I just read this monologue in my class with my students, who found Daphne absolutely charming, refreshing, and delightfully zany. A really fun read, and a great monologue for an actor!
  • Birthday Beer
    15 Sep. 2021
    This romantic comedy goes from goofy laughs and quips, to something incredibly charming and lovely. So much fun!
  • How Do You Fall Out Of Love With Country Music?
    17 Jun. 2021
    I found myself holding my breath as I read this monologue, worried the whole time that Amy was going to come to harm by the end of the scene. It's a funny and moving play that addresses politics, race, and a love of country music-- and I was on the edge of my seat.
  • MY SILVER MIRROR, a monologue
    15 Jun. 2021
    MY SILVER MIRROR is a charming, magical monologue. This is the secret to life--loving yourself, being in the moment, finding joy, opening your heart... And seeing yourself. Really seeing. Lovely.
  • The Elusive Pursuit of Maximum Bliss
    11 Jun. 2021
    I recently saw this play in a production on Zoom, and I've just finished reading it -- I feel all kinds of happiness after reading "The Elusive Pursuit of Maximum Bliss." What a fascinating story, it's a little bit science fiction, a little bit romance, and a lot of pure delight. This is a perfect, charming, 10-minute play.
  • Renewables
    3 Dec. 2020
    Wow. This was horrifying and creepy. A powerful and chilling dystopian drama.
  • Little Moscow
    16 Nov. 2020
    A beautiful monologue which I just listened to on Lost Souls Monologues podcast - so delicate, so specific, I was transported to the home and table of the tailor and his family.