Mariel Eve Berlin-Fischler

Mariel Eve Berlin-Fischler

Mariel Eve Berlin-Fischler is a playwright and teaching artist from the Washington, D.C. area, now based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Her dual careers and passions of theatre and education inform one another and inspire her as a practitioner in both realms to create work that explores how we, as people, grow and develop to become the way that we are.


  • Part
    A past betrayal plunges a family into fresh panic with the arrival of an unexpected text message, minutes before Shabbat. As the clock ticks toward the Sunday wedding of her only daughter, a mother is forced to choose between family connection and family protection in the light of a long-buried secret.

    Glossary available under Script Sample
  • A Tea Party
    Two sisters sort through memories of their dying mother, but are unable to give away the scars she's leaving behind.
  • Clean Start
    A concerned pair of parents process their son's divorce through a bout of endearingly harebrained problem-solving.

    Written as part of the first Quarantine Bake-Off, March 2020
    Ingredients: An emtpy store/stadium/theater; A bottle of hand sanitizer; A virtual dance or duet; A moment of mass panic; A light in the dark; Extra credit: a flower or flour
  • The Relationship Classification System
    Librarian Beatrice navigates the closure of her beloved library branch and the tangles of a goofy love triangle with the help of her fairy odd-mother's new brand of classification system.

    Adult language may be replaced for younger audiences.
  • What Ema Tried to Tell Me
    A Jewish dance of assimilation.
  • Lunch
    Two friends disconnect over lunch, with the help of cell phones.