Recommended by Kristen Palmer

  • BorderLands
    29 Nov. 2021
    A powerful offering with multiple ways to stage or read the play provided. With writing that takes the reader into the moment, into the people and the place viscerally.
  • The Forest
    9 Nov. 2021
    What a beautiful play, economically structured - each image, character and element adding to a resonant whole. So good.
  • The Wild Boar Of Chernobyl
    8 Oct. 2021
    a play with its own gravity that pulls you in and keeps you there as there gets creepier and creepier. such a great read!

  • The Venetians
    8 Oct. 2021
    This play gives me goosebumps with its brilliance and spiraling plot that brings so much around in its whirl. On the lookout for its full stunning production...
  • Lyons Den
    12 May. 2021
    A play that drags you into the layers and complexities of this family and this place and you find yourself looking under the bed, going through their drawers with a giddy sense of transgression and truth seeking -as you're pulled further into their world. The sharply observed language, the wicked humor, the drama! So good.
  • The Candidate
    17 Sep. 2019
    This is an exciting play, pulling us into the character of an idealistic (white, male) politician of this current moment and complicating his intentions with smart writing, and a powerful dramatic ride.
  • Babel
    10 Aug. 2018
    A deft delve into the world of what parents (and society) can and can't control in our children. A play that takes the simmering ideas of who is deserving and thrusts them into an end-game where children are tested in utero for 'pre-certification' or a pass into free society. By focusing tightly on two expectant couples and a smart sci-fi frame, this play becomes a lively, engaging, theatrical exploration of genetic testing and the limits of 'safety.' It jumps off the page, timely, relevant and ready for production.
  • < 3
    9 May. 2018
    What a great read - complicated, real, sad, and human.
  • Buccaneers
    22 Oct. 2017
    I produced this play at Oddfellows Playhouse with a cast of young actors. It was thrilling for the actors and the audiences alike - a play about the perils of leadership told through a terrific pirate story with sea shanties, adventure and powerful girls.
  • The Salonnières
    22 Oct. 2017
    This play is so sharp. I got to hear it read recently and it soared off the page and into my head. It's a wonderful play for the moment - and puts the male canon firmly into the hands of the too long over looked women of its era - with the revolution rumbling just outside the door.