Recommended by Chris Vanderark

  • Mad Girls
    20 Apr. 2020
    This play made me laugh a lot and also filled me with a lot of sadness. I love plays about unconventional families because nothing is predictable and nothing is a given. Mad Girls is part Ghost Story and part Tragedy - - with a hopeful ending that deals with grief and how we handle it. A great two-hander for two young actors.
  • The Ghost of Jimmy Dean
    9 Oct. 2019
    This is such a fun show. Just the right blend of absurdism and grounded emotions. Stephen has a really unique way of approaching abstract ideas and it makes for a really enjoyable play.
  • The Vanishing Point
    15 Jul. 2019
    There's a monologue at the top of this play which I think about a lot. It's startling and snaps this play into life in a (possibly, depending on how it's delivered) terrifying way. The play that follows it is a eerily dark comedy that brushes its shoulders with Sci-Fi and Horror in a subtle and "on the edge of your seat" kinda way. The characters are down to earth, relatable, and recognizable (once you read the play, that could be taken in a lot of ways).
    A fun ride, would love to see what directors do with this play.
    15 Jul. 2019
    Evalena does a really great job of creating a rich setting for this play and for its characters to exist in. The Restaurant itself is a character we meet throughout the play through the interwoven plots that navigate their way through it. By the end, the narratives create some beautiful and heartbreaking parallels that feel very honest and fresh and very Chicago. I'm looking forward to seeing where this play goes next.
  • The Gravediggers Union
    1 Jul. 2019
    This play caught me totally by surprise. While listening to a reading of this play, my mind ran laps and laps imagining the many ways this play could be effectively staged. I laughed (a lot), I was touched, and an unexpected monologue towards the end made me cry.

    Brian is really funny and really smart. This play captures the essence of small towns while making sharp commentary on how big business intrudes on the lives of people in these settings. Charming, evocative, and moving. I can't wait to see this play staged.
  • ????
    10 Jun. 2019
    I really love this play. The world that Danny has created in it is so specific and unique and charming and full of surprises. Surprising and stylistic dialogue keeps you on your toes.
    Directors/Designers could also have a blast creating the world of this play.
    It's also really funny and really heartfelt. A great blend of moods.