Recommended by Melissa Bell

  • Strange Light
    23 Jul. 2021
    This play of family dysfunction, fame, secrets and discovery strikes the right note at the crossroads of memory and forgiveness. Wonderful!
  • Perfect Women
    23 Jul. 2021
    This romp of teenage longing, confusion, searching, questioning and discovery is spot on and brought me back emotionally to my own crazy teen years of wonder and experimentation. I had so much fun reading this play and it would be even more fun to see, to produce or to perform in! You got young people in your troupe? Do it! Fantastic!
  • Doubt That the Stars Are Fire
    1 Dec. 2020
    A very interesting retelling of the Apollo myths!
  • Counting in Sha'ab
    23 Dec. 2019
    A piece that will get your audience talking for a long time. Harrowing and yet simple, life in a war zone explored through the people living (and dying) there. Excellent!
    23 Dec. 2019
    Funny, moving, poignant. I had the pleasure of attending the recording of ABRAHAM'S DAUGHTERS for Parsnip Ship podcast. The humor in the play aids us in accepting and processing the daily horror faced by residents of Israeli-occupied territories in Palestine. A beautiful work about the founding and displacing of nations, with complex characters, set within the context of a family. If you want to give your audience something to discuss, this is the play.
  • The Home for Retired Canadian Girlfriends
    20 May. 2019
    This short play is clever in its concept and fun in its execution. I just listened to a radio version on the Short Play Podcast on Apple pod casts and it was a great little story with a nice twist at the end.
    2 Jan. 2019
    So funny and so on the mark!
    4 Sep. 2018
    Wonderful family drama that examines the influence of religion and patriarchy on one family. Michael is a master at subtext. There is so much going on underneath the surface of these scenes. I love the way the extended family (the wives, kids and lovers) is present in the scenes without being onstage. Each situation is so carefully thought out and masterfully crafted. Highly recommended!
  • Fabulous Monsters
    5 Jul. 2018
    Very real, at least to me. I was also in the music business so it rang true to me.
  • FUKT
    3 Apr. 2018
    This play is riveting and uniquely theatrical! It takes your breath away in its horror and yet it is ultimately uplifting. Highly recommended!