Recommended by Jack Levine

  • 7 Minutes to Live
    14 Feb. 2023
    RICHARD LYONS CONLON captured my attention right from the start in his brilliant gem, “7 Minutes to Live”. I laughed out loud throughout. There were surprises, ups and downs, and much to talk about. I highly recommend this gem!
  • The Sound
    12 Feb. 2023
    SARAH CAROLINE BILLINGS’ play, “The Sound”, deals with a young child trying to overcome her insecurities, loss of a loved one, feelings of grief and anger. I was thoroughly engrossed in this gem right from the beginning. Bravo!
    25 Dec. 2022
    IRWIN HAHN has once again written a witty romantic comedy in which you will laugh, love, and be mesmerized by a piece written by one of the best storytellers I know. “RING-O-LEVIO!” will delight any audience and should be produced! BRAVO!!!
  • Ministering Angel
    17 Dec. 2022
    CORY SKURDAL’s play, “Ministering Angel”, had an unexpected twist and held my interest throughout. Truths were revealed about perceptions and prejudices, as we sometimes judge - often too quickly and inaccurately - people we meet for the first time.
  • The Patient - Full Length Thriller
    12 Dec. 2022
    RYAN KAMINSKI’s “The Patient - Full Length Thriller”, keeps your interest from ‘lights up’ to ‘curtain down’. The characters are interesting and the twists and turns keep you guessing. There is a lot going for this play.
  • Waiting On Mom, Who Already Left
    20 Oct. 2022
    I am always delighted when I read one of JOHN BUSSER’s gems. “Waiting On Mom, Who Already Left” didn’t disappoint me, as I laughed, got choked up, giggled, and got the warm heartfelt feeling that comes when a play reminds you of a similar moment in your life. In my case, it was with my brother after our mother passed away. Great job, John! This is another wonderful play!
  • People Should Talk About What's Real
    4 Oct. 2022
    This is my first read of a full-length play by ALLI HARTLEY-KONG, and it certainly won’t be my last. I am totally blown away with this heartfelt, witty, inspirational, unapologetic gem on the touchy, emotional subjects of abortion and adoption. “PEOPLE SHOULD TALK ABOUT WHAT’S REAL” is breathtaking. I was engrossed in the play from start to finish. I highly recommend this be read and produced!
  • A Crooked French Affair
    25 Sep. 2022
    KIM E. RUYLE has written a wonderful, comedic play in which you can thoroughly enjoy the humor while being entertained by interesting characters and relationships. “A Crooked French Affair” will delight audiences and be a big hit at any festival. I highly recommend this play!
  • A Good Year
    26 Aug. 2022
    PHILIP MIDDLETON WILLIAMS’ “A Good Year”, is a wonderful play and is highly recommended. I really enjoyed the love of teaching imbued by Marc, as he did what most teachers do: value their students, give all they can to encourage their students, and expect nothing less than the best from their students. The challenges of working in Marc’s “dream job” were more than he might have expected. Marc’s integrity, love of teaching, and his high moral standards were tested. There is much to like in this gem by a very talented playwright.
  • Come in for Coffee?
    25 Aug. 2022
    CHRISTOPHER PLUMRIDGE’s characters, Ian and Cathy, are experiencing their first date together. “Come in for Coffee?” is a fun piece, filled with humor, and a reminder that we may want the same thing but are still not be ‘on the same page”.