Recommended by Paul Calandrino

    7 Apr. 2019
    It takes a special playwright to reimagine a super massive cosmic event as a rehearsal for a 10-minute play. It takes even more creative pluck to recast two black holes on the verge of merging as two actors (people, essentially) wary of the vulnerability and intimacy required of them onstage. You have to listen to the sound effect linked to at the end of the script. An amazing coda to an amazing play.
    6 Apr. 2019
    This is the leggings play to end all leggings plays. I have a leggings play, too, that also involves dressing and undressing on stage, but it's nowhere near as uproarious as this. I agree with Asher Wyndham's assessment of Carnes' unique voice and comic excellence. Bravo!
    6 Apr. 2019
    This is such a sweet, funny, heartbreaking, heartwarming, and true play about growing up and letting go, and not letting go and not growing up. A whole evening of plays like this would explain a whole lot about the love and angst inside families. Wonderful work.
    6 Apr. 2019
    This play had me at the opening stage direction and throttled me with laughter the entire way through. So many great lines. A great holiday play.
    6 Apr. 2019
    "Contrapposto" reminds us that the #Me-Too Movement started at least as early as 1485. A hilarious bout between two icons, Venus makes the case for women's power and dignity that we all know is true, but is lost in men's idealization of them. "My body placed there," she says, "divorced from head and heart, an open invitation." Tragic, funny, brilliant.
    6 Apr. 2019
    Rachael Carnes' "Wabi Sabi" is a tender, funny, and psychologically astute view into the minds and hearts of teens searching for identity and connection in the midst of change. I love Rachael's dialogue and am impressed with her command of tea ceremony! A delight.