Recommended by Emmy Kuperschmid

  • The Humoral Funeral Parlor on the Corner of the Street
    3 Jun. 2024
    In the tradition of Little Shop of Horrors or The Addams Family, “The Humoral Funeral Parlor on the Corner of the Street” explores the darker side of humanity with laugh out loud humor and songs you'll remember long after the performance ends. While it may be a farce (and greatly succeeds in the genre!), Humoral also asks some deeper questions: how far will people be driven by greed? A guaranteed hit for any theater looking for a comedic new show in their season!
  • Don't Think About Elephants
    9 Jun. 2023
    Much like the characters are unable to not think about elephants once they've been brought up, you will not be able to stop thinking about this play after reading it. I've never seen a play about littles before, and Rogers introduces this community to the stage in an empathetic, judgement-free way. I loved the evolution of Emily and Brittany's relationship throughout the piece. This events of this play are challenging, but the journey ultimately ends in understanding and hope.
  • Alternative Canon: A Sacrilegious Romp
    16 May. 2023
    Wow I loved this. Proctor brilliantly balances irreverent humor and genuinely heart breaking human moments to bring new life and perspective to a tale we may think we already know. God may have a 5,000 year plan, but can we still change our stories?

    (You know that meme that's like I WOULD GO TO SCHOOL IF THIS WAS THE TEXTBOOK? That, but with organized religion if this play was the text.)
  • Current World Record
    16 May. 2023
    Speed running is about completing a game as fast as possible (even if you have to break the game to do it). In Current World Record, Bea is determined to get to her dream life as fast as possible, even if she has to break some rules--and her girlfriend's trust--to get there. Video games may be an escape, but what are we escaping from? Current World Record is darkly suspenseful and as engrossing as a great stream. I would love to see this staged!
    3 Apr. 2023
    Ooh I loved this play. Greene brilliantly adapts, examines, and deconstructs the character of Lavinia and the patriarchy's preference for voiceless women, using the worlds (and words) of internet chat and academia. An incredible work of theatrical horror--I'm dying to see that final sequence realized on stage.
  • Abandon All Hope
    29 Mar. 2023
    Hell is other people--but really, hell is other college students. Fenton presents a "No Exit" style afterlife with even higher stakes. The three main characters all fully portrayed, fascinating people--at their own admission, they kinda suck, but still try their best. Despite the heavy themes, this script is shot through with excellently dark humor and ends with a ray of hope. An engaging and theatrical read!
  • Art Duty
    3 Mar. 2023
    Darkly comic and absurd, Art Duty is a dystopian play that asks big questions while being genuinely funny. This play is full of darkly comic, oh-my-god-should-I-be-laughing moments. I'd love to see this produced!
  • Three Damned Letters
    2 Mar. 2023
    A powerful and nuanced exploration of family and brotherhood: both biological and chosen. Heyman's large cast of characters feel very real, and their relationships will both warm your heart and break it. I would love to see this play on stage!
  • How To Destroy An American Girl Doll
    2 Mar. 2023
    This play punched me in the gut and made me feel incredibly seen. A powerful exploration of female friendship with an empathetic and honest depiction of eating disorders--and the first time I've seen asexuality represented on stage. Produce this play!
  • i can fix him
    4 Jan. 2023
    The uncool girl representation we all need! This play is FUN without shying away from the messiness of female friendships and trying to navigate a social dynamic you don't quite understand. What drives us to make fandom a part of our identity? (And what IS it about Draco Malfoy?) Plays should come with a glossary of fanfiction terms more often.