Recommended by Baylee Shlichtman

  • Before You Go, a monologue
    21 Feb. 2023
    This monologue manages to convey so much with so little. You can really feel how much Tonya loves her son with every word, and even more in what she doesn't say. A beautiful piece.
  • Perils of the Flowerbed
    15 Aug. 2022
    A lush, eerie play that feels like the equivalent of watching an intricate but claustrophobic dance. Every line of this gothic fairytale is carefully constructed, some taking on double or triple meanings that only unravel as the mysteries of the house do. This would be an unsettling visual delight in the right hands.
  • overlap
    15 Aug. 2022
    A fun rom-com with witty banter and a couple that's easy to root for and there are Sonic the Hedgehog references. And then that act break comes in like a baseball bat to the diaphragm and suddenly it's a tragedy and you're reflecting on mortality and the importance of letting the people you love know that you love them because so little of what we think matters really does in the grand scheme of life. A play that rips out your jugular and gives you a bear hug at the same time.
  • Your Mileage May Vary
    15 Aug. 2022
    This play is a coming-of-age story. This play is a coming-out story. But this play is also about being haunted by a Chicanx trans masc character actor, dueling your ex(?) best friend's ex-boyfriend for her honor with the fencing sword you picked up at the thrift shop earlier that day, and how coming home after you tried to "make it out" can feel like an early grave but it doesn't have to be if you make the choice to fight for the person you've become rather than slip back into the scared person you used to be. Incredible stuff.
  • juice
    15 Aug. 2022
    If you've ever thought to yourself that the music video for "When the Party's Over" by Billie Eilish would make a good absurdist horror play (what just me?) then you're in luck because JUICE is that and more. It's claustrophobic, gross, and one of the most unique explorations of the concept of sacrificing for love when only one person is doing the sacrificing I've read. Would love to see this staged.
  • AT THE END OF THE HALL(under construction)
    5 Jun. 2022
    An atmospheric slow-burn, AT THE END OF THE HALL could be described as Groundhog Day but make it gothic horror, where the claustrophobic time loop (or is it a time loop?) itself is as much of a haunting as the ghosts. As the boxes these characters are trying to pack seemingly unpack themselves, they will also be forced to unpack their relationships with their mothers and each other, even as they would both like to keep those conversations stored on ice.
  • Dark Gallery
    5 Jun. 2022
    A delectably dark play that unsettles and captivates until the very last page. As Charlotte and the Man from the shadows size each other up, DARK GALLERY tows the line between romantic and disturbing in the way only a well-executed gothic can, ending with a twist that will leave you satisfied.
    5 Jun. 2022
    SPRAWL is a daring work about the ethics of appropriating trauma for art told through but not limited to a fracturing timeline, a game show, a wedding banda, a play within a play, a commencement speech, and an extended Death Note reference. What ties these all together is Dee, a character who manages to frustrate and draw sympathy at once as they grieve the loss of their relationship with their friend/unrequited love through increasingly questionable means. A frenetic, sometimes tragic, and gorgeous play.
  • Time Hole
    25 May. 2022
    Funny and charming, this is a play that will have you laughing out loud while contemplating the ways we can become so consumed in the acting of loving that we fail to actually see the person we're meant to love and what's best for them. Plus there's time travel.
  • Truth or Consequences
    25 May. 2022
    Part sci-fi, part gothic horror, "Truth or Consequences" tackles how systems of white supremacy ensnare people of color by promising them a seat at the table only to use them to eradicate non-white cultures and ultimately themselves by having the main character fight against a sentient hotel that sprouts tentacles--and it works! Seriously unique, you won't forget this anytime soon.