Recommended by James Christy

  • The Excavation of Mary Anning
    29 Mar. 2018
    Such a smart, funny and wildly theatrical play. It is fearless and large in scope but also devastatingly precise. Great characters, dialogue that moves and surprises. Buy stock in this play.
    2 Jun. 2017
    FIXED is an incredibly important play that I think could truly change lives. Its production at Passage Theatre in May 2017 showed the power that live theatre has in capturing real life and creating empathy for audiences. The characters are real, funny, frustrating and eminently relateable. The evening I went the audience talkback had people opening up about issues in their own lives, including one woman speaking openly about her mental illness for the first time in front of neighbors and friends. This happened because the characters are so rich and alive.
  • Samuraization: How to Eat Your Sushi & Have it, Too!
    19 Mar. 2016
    So I've only heard this in a reading setting, but was completely transfixed. Smart, surreal, incredibly funny and surprisingly moving. It's amazing how much humor and pathos Pandora can wring from dark, complicated themes of mortality and identity. Can't wait to see it in production!
  • True Story
    1 Dec. 2015
    Yes, there is such a thing as a smart, entertaining thriller on the stage. EM Lewis proves it with this play. ON the night I saw the gorgeous and haunting production at Passage theatre, the audience was absolutely enthralled.
    1 Dec. 2015
    Saw this reading at Great Plains Theatre Conference. Amazing. So incredibly inventive, funny, daring and surprisingly moving. The story is sweeping and huge in scope, but it's the individual moments, often very subtle and finely drawn, that stayed with me. I want to see the 100 cast version. (but would happily see the 5 cast version as well).
    21 Jan. 2015
    Who can make a brilliant comedy out of dementia and religious confusion? David Lee White can. Textured, dramatic and funny funny play. Passage production was out of site, but this needs more!
    21 Jan. 2015
    David Lee White has as good an ear for theatrical comedy as anyone I know. This play shows it off in spades. The play gets all the drama of a great yarn while turning the genre completely around itself. Great stuff.
  • Donna Orbits the Moon
    21 Jan. 2015
    Can I say "pee in your pants funny" or will I run afoul of the NPX police? I guess we'll find out... Just an incredible character, a good actor will knock it out of the park, a great one will make this an evening to remember.
  • The Goldilocks Zone
    21 Jan. 2015
    So funny, but also moving and very human/relatable. A winner!
  • Leveling Up
    20 Sep. 2014
    This play really got to me. Gets to deep and relevant themes about intersection of games and war while letting us connect to the characters emotionally.