Recommended by Emma Carter

  • A Dog's Life
    17 Dec. 2019
    This heartfelt play brought tears to my eyes when I saw it streamed as part of The Hive Collaborative's The Ten Show. Funny and bittersweet, it very well encapsulates the joy and grief of loving a furry friend.
    30 Sep. 2019
    Watching an actress slay this monologue at The Midwest Dramatist Conference was an experience unlike any other, both empowering and heartbreaking. This is a piece for someone looking to sink her teeth into something raw and emotionally challenging. I would love to see this monologue performed all over, for all the cosplayer girls to hear.
    30 Sep. 2019
    I saw this play read at the Midwest Dramatist Conference and loved it! It always makes me happy to see predominantly female casts, but this piece also gives us and an all female casts with four women of different generations and perspectives. Rachael Carnes skillfully reveals bit by bit exactly what kind of world these women live in and why. Both hilarious and haunting, "Egg in Spoon" is a well-crafted delicacy I won't soon forget.
  • Saga
    30 Sep. 2019
    I read this play when it was submitted for the Midwest Dramatist Conference and absolutely loved it! Who wouldn't want to spend ten minutes with smartly written, sword-wielding women debating over the fate of the entire world? This is a fun piece to perform and would make a great addition to any play festival seeking dynamic female-driven stories!
  • Make Way
    29 Sep. 2019
    I saw this play performed at the Midwest Dramatist Conference and was immediately drawn in to Osmundsen's dystopian world. It's both a nod to the past and an eerie vision of a future that doesn't feel too far away. It definitely made me want to go home and read a book!
  • Overqualified
    29 Sep. 2019
    I saw a fabulous reading of this play at the Midwest Dramatist Conference. It's such a fun and relatable piece for any young person struggling in the job market today. The use of masks presents an exciting and unique challenge for the lead actress. This piece would be great for short play festivals looking for plays with comedic roles for women!
  • Viper
    29 Jun. 2019
    THIS. PLAY. I saw this it performed at The Living Room Theater in Kansas City, MO and it affected me like no piece of theater has in a long while. I was immediately drawn in. The production was eerie and beautiful. Adorable at times, yet disturbing. I winced, I laughed out loud. I fell in love with the characters, even those I knew to be sinister. Intermission couldn't end soon enough.
  • Adulting: A Parody
    19 Feb. 2019
    If you grew up loving a particular cartoon about adorable babies getting into all sorts of crazy adventures, this play is for you. I saw it at KC fringe 2018, playing to a sold-out house. Though our favorite diaper babies are now coping with much darker issues (drug addiction, loss) the nostalgic references pulled at my heartstrings.
  • Seven and Ten
    19 Feb. 2019
    I had the pleasure of reading the role of Sarah in this play in 2018. What I love about this play is that the playwright gives us a peek into the world of Evangelical Christians that neither demonizes them nor celebrates them. We see four very human people, some more flawed than others, struggling and failing to meet the ideals their religious community has demanded of them. The twist at the end--a twist to some, a reality to others--is both heartbreaking and infuriating.
  • The Matriarchy
    19 Feb. 2019
    I LOVE this play. In so many dystopian futures we see women still struggling to survive in a world run by men. This play flips that on its head. Here we see many strong women with agency, with power, and so many men and women of color calling the shots in a beautifully imperfect world. It made my heart happy to see characters who had "made it" and whose issues are now not fighting tooth and nail for their own rights but for the rights of a newly marginalized group that once suppressed them. Someone produce this please.