Recommended by Mollie Gordon

  • House of Kehillah
    11 Sep. 2022
    Absolutely gorgeous. Siegel beautifully weaves together three characters' unique stories for a textured and distinctly Jewish exploration of queer life. This play provides rich material for the actors and designers involved, as well as for the audiences lucky enough to see it.
  • Eve Addam’s Tearoom
    8 Jun. 2022
    What a sneakily powerful, gut-punch of a play! Lawing provides a riveting snapshot into queer history, as well as two rich and compelling roles for women. Lawing takes history and makes it intimate and immediate. Brilliant work!
  • motherson
    17 Apr. 2022
    In this touching and hilarious play, Friedman reinvigorates the oft-explored relationship between single parent and teenaged child with a fresh and multifaceted perspective. All of his characters are fully-drawn, deeply flawed, and incredibly endearing. This is a captivating play and a gift for any actor and/or director.
  • Follow The Bear
    6 Dec. 2020
    Witty, frank, and heartfelt, Follow The Bear by Cole Friedman unpacks loss and lost innocence with a deft gentleness and grace. It is a beautiful and touching look at the cyclical process of grief.