Recommended by David Elendune

  • Gloom, Doom and Soul-Crushing Misery
    18 May. 2020
    Some people are only happy when they're not... On another level perhaps this is a commentary on the 'tortured artist' phase we all seem to go thorough... For while some emerge into the sunshine, others prefer to wallow in the mud.
  • Happy Holidays (or Bust) (10 minute play)
    17 May. 2020
    Funny & Believable - Would make an excellent Xmas episode premise for many a sit-com.
  • BEACH WEDDING (from the STILL FEISTY Collection)
    17 May. 2020
    We can all instantly recognize these characters... To this day my brother blames me for not letting my mother have a say in my wedding which meant that when it was his turn he got the blow-back.
  • Fire and Ice
    17 May. 2020
    Having been born on a small island and then moved to the peninsula of an even smaller island I identify strongly with many of themes raised in this play...The love hate relationship of islanders towards visitors... Locals to tourists... Protection of indigenous identity versus global fusion - Just who and what was/is/will be my tribe - And will I ever truly be externally/internally a member or just a long-term visitor?
  • Exalted
    16 May. 2020
    A poetic eulogy about the double-edged sword of perceived beauty.
  • FAMILY BY NUMBERS Award-winning 10-minute drama
    16 May. 2020
    Part Poetry / Part Theatre / Part Happy /Part Sad... How we play parts in each other's lives.
  • The Maltese Walter
    16 May. 2020
    Short & twisted - Like a stiletto to the funny bone.
  • The Night Witches
    15 May. 2020
    Really good - Seeing the conflict from the Russian pov is a rare experience... Add to that the female perspective... And like all the best war stories you have no idea who will survive and who will die.
    15 May. 2020
    Clever... Funny... If Terry Pratchett wrote Blazing Saddles 2.
  • Pay It Backward
    15 May. 2020
    Very Interesting Premise... Does this comment count as altruism, or do I now have to ring the "Random Acts of Kindness Credit Bureau" again for my reward?