Recommended by Grace Everett

  • Truth.
    4 Aug. 2022
    Raw, real, honest, and with its moments of humor that aches in all the right ways. Wonderful short scene for two talented women!
  • Death at Teddy Bear Rock
    26 May. 2022
    I just saw a staged reading of this at DePaul, and my mind is BLOWN, to say the very least. The narrative complexity of this play alone deserves commendation, but Lowry also creates a haunting dreamscape full of poetic dialogue and stage directions that are so uniquely HER. Every character has their own unique voice, and yet, Lowry’s artistry shines through with every word. Wonderful work!!
  • Doctor Voynich and Her Children
    26 Apr. 2022
    This play was taught in my college dramatic literature class, and HO-LY SHIT. I am astounded to see that it only has three reviews, because from the way it was presented to us, I had every reason to believe it was a part of the contemporary theatrical canon (which it should be!). Keyes creates a theatrical hellscape far away enough to be dystopian, but close enough to be fathomable. Not to mention the existence of queer and trans women in a way that does not turn us into spectacles, but instead, shows us as the resilient human beings we are.
    26 Feb. 2022
    As a lover of Little Women, I had exceptionally high hopes for this play. Hoke managed to blow my expectations out of the water with a writing style that lends itself perfectly to such a nostalgic story. Extra kudos for such a perfect ending, wrapping everything up so nicely even when the audience is wiping tears away. As a playwright, I hope to write something that makes the audience feel the way I feel after reading this… and as an actress, I want to play every part in the show!! Wonderful script, highly recommend!!
    2 Jan. 2022
    A brilliantly well-written gut punch. I would absolutely perform this if I was old enough to look the part!
  • One Last Hurrah!
    23 Dec. 2021
    Martin takes a familiar trope— a group of friends’ last night together— and turns it into a refreshing celebration of male friendship and emotional vulnerability. Hearing this story told through the lens of a female writer ensures that the characters read as anything but stereotypical. Instead, they are fresh and new and honest, and a story that’s been told many times finds a new, authentic voice.
  • No But
    23 Dec. 2021
    Funny, offbeat, and tense in the most lifelike way. A great short play for three strong comedic actors!
  • Clarissa on Her Deathbed
    10 Sep. 2021
    The title drew me in, and Whitehorn’s masterful writing kept me reading. Whitehorn successfully creates a world in which Clarissa's make-believe, her choice of escapism, masks reality from the audience until Clarissa herself is forced to come to terms with her situation. This makes that reveal even more gritty and painful, and allows us as audience members to view that moment through a youthful lens. Whitehorn manages to make the audience feel like small figures in a big world, a world that feels an awful lot like it did when we were young. Excellent play!
    31 Aug. 2021
    Awesome ten-minute play that shows several sides to a dying-yet-ever-growing relationship. Hilariously witty dialogue that deserves extra kudos, especially for the last couple pages.
    26 Jul. 2021
    This play gave me whiplash with how quickly it turned from adorable to heartbreaking. Ms. Carnes has such a strong command over her language and somehow manages to create a character that is undeniably human despite being a dog. This play doesn't read as corny, like some plays that include humans playing animals. It feels incredibly real. Bailey doesn't shy away from humanlike interactions with their person, and that is what makes this play shine. Ms. Carnes understands Bailey's humanlike empathy, and combining that with their pure heart creates a character that is heartwarming, lovable, and so very real.