Recommended by Victor Lesniewski

  • Remains and Returns
    9 Nov. 2022
    A wonderfully woven family tale which dives unabashedly into the complications of politics and sexuality between cultures and generations. Fabulously deep and interesting roles for actors. Bravo!
  • Best Available
    9 Nov. 2022
    So incredibly of the moment that you can't help seeing yourself in there. And about a dozen other folks in your local theatre community as well. As hilarious and insightful as it is cutting, which is quite an achievement!
  • Not Cake
    27 Sep. 2020
    Wonderfully imagined design elements are worked in and throughout this piece to create a stunning thematic feast. Angels. Purgatory. Los Angeles on fire. And thoughtful explorations of pressing social topics to boot.
  • Winnebago
    4 Jul. 2020
    Delightful in its restraint, yet revealing deeper emotional complexity with each page, this play paints a full portrait of our unbridled American spirit and imagination.
  • Popcorn Girl
    25 Apr. 2020
    Not only a love letter to LA's silent movie scene, but also to the subtle ways we keep our lives afloat amid difficult and disconnected relationships. Full of unique, complex characters and situations.
  • Muthaland
    25 Apr. 2020
    I had the pleasure of seeing the production of this play hosted at Oregon Contemporary Theatre. It's a brilliant and beautiful piece of storytelling that brings difficult subject matter to the audience in a funny and heartfelt way. Beyond the page, it's a virtuosic solo performance that is always accompanied by an engaging post-show talkback. It's incredibly inspirational to see an artist really putting into action her concerns for social justice and helping others heal. Stay on the look out for a production near you.
  • A Distinct Society
    30 Oct. 2019
    A wonderfully insightful drama that ties together seemingly disparate topics from the Department of Homeland Security to Quebec Separatists to Green Lantern. By doing so it invokes our shared humanity, while at the same time skewering that which we let stand in the way.
  • Immortality Crisis
    30 Oct. 2019
    I was lucky enough to catch a reading of this play at Benchmark Theatre's Fever Dream Festival. It's quite a ride. A smart, savvy, reflection on life and death, it pulls no punches when it comes to the depression and violence rampant in our society today.
    15 Sep. 2019
    Abbey writes fascinating self-contained little worlds whose rules slowly, and often devastatingly, reveal themselves over time. This piece is no different, merging both history and her own unique voice. It is both darkly comic and irreverent. And let's not forget: devastating.
  • Primary User
    18 Nov. 2018
    A potent exploration of how and why we mourn, this play plumbs the depth of our psychology and unearths hard truths about our self-preservation in the face of mortality. It's a must read.