Recommended by Stephanie Grilo

  • The Meadow - 10 Minute Play
    23 May. 2021
    This thrilling short play had me at the edge of my seat, a true who-done-it with wit, intrigue and two powerfully written female characters! Wonderful work, Ryan! Looking forward to reading more of your work!
  • A Coniferous Affair
    23 May. 2021
    In this dark comedic tale, Evan Spreen so Oedipally captures mans connection to nature. A fun and flinching play for any small cast and short play festival!
  • 1n2ian
    21 May. 2021
    Jay Muskett’s writing is poetry in true form. In2ian traverses one of many lost indigenous stories—one that horrifically still happens today. The play lifts us in and out of liminal spaces with true craft and artistry.
    21 May. 2021
    Buffalo’ed is a masterclass in capturing the frenetic energy of men at war. The pacing and clipped dialogue, the rapidity of the scenes which punctuates the complex history Barroga’s play surrounds—all culminates to be an outstanding story with compelling theatrical possibilities.
  • External Monitors
    20 May. 2021
    Richard Lyons Conlon's is a master of intrigue in his writing. This quirky and dynamic play brings about what some may consider the scum of the earth and so empathetically makes us love them. Wonderful work, Mr. Conlon! Always a fan of your work!
  • The Dove
    20 May. 2021
    We don't always get what we first expect from Mr. Fardon's work. The Dove is no stranger to this notion. In this short and chilling play, an audience might think they're signing up for a lovely little comedy about an aging couple struggling to keep their relationship exciting. But, not too long into its easeful dialogue do we consider the possibility that an otherness might be subtly creeping in. A very fun and exciting play for two seasoned actors!
  • The Man from Taured
    20 May. 2021
    There's few time travel plays that can make an audience giddy with the thought of a woman emerging from a hotel toilet wearing "practical sneakers."

    Evan Spreen's, The Man from Taured, not only moves through the displacement of time and space with a beautiful melancholic malaise, but also the displacement of country and of origin. Richard and Jess's characters shine in a way that two actors, willing to establish true and unwavering connection, would kill to play these roles. Wonderful work, Mr. Spreen. Looking forward to more full length plays from you!
  • Taro in the 4th Dimension
    20 May. 2021
    In this ten-minute play, Evan Spreen captures--in such succinct and vibrant form--the humbleness that comes with sharing a new dimension with others. At first glance, the rag tag cast of characters our protagonist, Taro, meets might not deserve or belong in this higher, liminal space of being. But, Spreen so acutely asks us to question: are the ways we get to transcendence everything they're cracked up to be?

    Spreen's writing is at once comedic, but ultimately poised in a way that most ten minutes can only hope to achieve.