Recommended by Inda Craig-Galván

  • Glister Doves and Gopher Wood
    15 Jun. 2020
    Expertly navigates the experience of refugees across cultures. Smart, funny, scary, sad, urgent... thank you for this poignant examination of humans seeking a new world and a better life.
  • The Last Nights of Scheherazade
    18 Aug. 2019
    The desert serves as a beautiful, scorched backdrop for this play that deals with haunting violence. The threat of violence within a couple's marriage, the violence of war still raging inside the mind of a veteran, and the comfort and playfulness of the protagonist's job working with children in a library all work together to explore complex relationships.
  • Welcome to Keene, New Hampshire
    14 Jul. 2019
    I really dig this play. Complex characters and the intimacy of their lives in an updated Our Town-like structure.
  • Comb Your Hair (Or You'll Look Like a Slave)
    14 Jul. 2019
    This is powerful, bold writing. The scenes and monologues are written with a truth and ownership of the narrative that skillfully gives voice to so many of our lived experiences.
  • Brothers, Sisters, Santos
    20 Mar. 2018
    All three of these short plays deal with estrangement and loss in intelligent, clever ways. The fairy-tale aspect in the second half of Mentirosa is beautifully evocative. Doctors Without Borders has a finely executed structure that is matched by the emotional twists & turns in the play. Unique, specific characters throughout the whole of Brothers, Sisters, Santos.
  • All We Know Is Not Enough
    17 Sep. 2017
    All We Know is Not Enough moves fluidly between worlds, in and out of realities, with great pacing, dialogue, and characters.
  • Colonel's Chicken: A Fairy Tale
    17 Sep. 2017
    Carrie Barrett mixes comedy, sadness, desperation, and 11 other herbs & spices in to create a thoughtful and satisfying piece.
  • In A Darkroom, The Lord Knows
    7 Jun. 2017
    This play offers a look at teenaged girls, in a specific world that puts a unique twist on the coming-of-age teen drama. Two strong, young female roles in this tale of growing into womanhood, body ownership, and pushing past trauma.
  • Grown-Ass Louis
    23 May. 2017
    Touching, smart, funny, and all in ten minutes. Bruce Walsh's grown-ass play shows the type of craft and command of storytelling and that makes me want to be a better writer.
  • The Geese of El Carmelo Cemetery
    28 Aug. 2016
    Hannah Langley has a gift for writing female protagonists who are strong, soft, determined, flawed, funny, scared — human. This play perfectly captures what can happen when a split-second decision alters lives. Great for young adult audiences.