Recommended by Nicky Lowney

  • About My Nose
    20 May. 2023
    Touching monologue from the point of view of a scar on a man's face, recounting colorful moments from youth and adulthood.
    7 Mar. 2023
    These monologues are a beautiful journey, with wonderful details and emotions. Great slice of life with interesting characters.
  • BATH TIME (monologue)
    7 Mar. 2023
    Beautiful glimpse into a moment between an aging mother and her daughter. Sums up the tenderness, love, and frustration hidden beneath the surface
  • Class Reunion - a ten minute play
    26 Oct. 2021
    Deftly whips through all the tension, awkwardness, and mislaid dreams that hang in the air at a 25th high school reunion.
  • The Audition (A 10 minute play)
    26 Oct. 2021
    A very sweet story. Woman walks into a bar...and two lives change forever.
    26 Oct. 2021
    Leah and her boyfriend Ethan just want to fill up on some comfort food and share some big news with Lean's folks. What they get is a frustratingly funny trip through family miscommunication. A fun and fast-paced 10 minute gem.