Recommended by Malt Schlitzmann

  • Sametown, USA
    31 May. 2023
    a touching two fister of a road story. Wanda's flat affect is a great contrast to Max's incessant cheerfulness. The Chicago scene was especially moving.
  • Raw and Bloody Love
    11 Mar. 2022
    This has everything. Love, cults, murder... Or DOES it? A fun comedy which knows how to play with expectations.
  • Shrike and Magpie
    10 Mar. 2022
    Heists are the best type of crime because it only hurts rich people and museums. this is the best type of heists, because it's got intrigue and romance. There's not a single missed line of dialogue, everything is as taut as a guitar wire. An absolute treasure.
  • Home-Style Cooking at the Gateway Cafe
    10 Mar. 2022
    Gina is an awesome role, a real meaty sink-your-teeth in type. All the characters are solid, very realized portraits of small town types. Like Our Town meets up for coffee at Alice's Restaurant.
  • Orb Quest: the Quest for the Orb
    18 Jan. 2022
    Brown is one of the foremost comic writers working today. Orb Quest is a pitch-perfect skewering of classic fantasy elements, centered around a strong narrative core. This keeps it from falling into self-parody and keeps the action continuously moving.
  • Good Grief! (Full Length)
    14 Dec. 2021
    Fantastic, moving work. Never more relevant as we enter yet another year of plague and more people are brought face to face with loss. Also, killer soundtrack.
  • The Dream Is Real
    14 Aug. 2021
    Innovative use of multi-media elements bridge the gap between the real and the real-as-dream. There's one particular scene where a character breaks through a wall of ice, which feels like something out of a Cirque du Solei production.
    If you're a bold troupe of creative visionaries, this is the play for you!
  • The Role of the Actor
    12 Aug. 2021
    I love a good deconstruction, and "The Role of the Actor" really delivers! It's more than just a witty commentary on the magic of theater penned expertly by a life-long disciple of the craft, it's the kind of satire that only comes from those who live in the very heart of the thing they mock. A love of the stage permeates every word and interaction, have a quote: "Actors are replaceable. But your character—the story—takes the best of you while you’re acting it, then grows in the readers’ minds when you’re not."
  • 'Tiffany' is a Medieval Name
    14 Jun. 2021
    As a fan of history, vampires, and difficult conversations, this gets an A+ for me.