Recommended by Deanna Strasse

  • Cremains to Be Seen
    18 Mar. 2024
    What a delightful little dark comedy with a spiritual twist. Those two things don't mingle often (at all) but Wild does a genuinely sweet and silly way of blending the heartbreak with the hilarious.
  • RUST: A Ghost Story
    23 Mar. 2022
    I truly, truly loved this script. It's poetic, eerie, and poignant, and I'd love to see it produced. Someone please produce this play!
  • Deanna and Paul
    7 Aug. 2021
    This script is pure poetry. You think you know what you're getting into, but the beautiful words take you on an unexpected ride.
  • Breaking Fourth
    1 Aug. 2021
    What a delightfully sweet homage to the performing arts. Any artist with a love of physical acting would love to play this role and delve into this tasty pantomime.