Recommended by Lauren Davenport

  • Hail Mary and Other Miracles
    18 Sep. 2020
    There’s only so much a Philadelphia Eagles fan can gush about a play involving the Minnesota Vikings. But this play is a wonderful treat. It has twists and turns with plenty of surprises, excellent and clear rising stakes, and spot-on moments of laugh out loud humor. Each character is distinct and memorable. And whether you like football or not, the central conflict and resolution surrounding family is what ultimately stays with you.
  • Lucky Day
    18 Sep. 2020
    When we think about Las Vegas, we think about the inevitable risk and reward of gambling and casinos. “Lucky Day” uses risk and reward to show the pitfalls of both illusion and truth. Its enthralling plot creates a decent amount of suspense, even when you know going to a psychic with a bag of money can’t turn out well. In spite of the cyclical nature of luck, what stays with you at the end is the uplifting nature of possibility.
  • Lamentation of the Night
    17 Sep. 2020
    Humorous and heartening at the same time! This play is quirky fun with turning traditional spooky conventions on their own heads. It’s also playful, but doesn’t shy away from the important issues of legacy and identity.
  • In the End
    14 Jun. 2020
    From the first to the last page I couldn't help but see this entire play through different shapes and shades of light, even in its darkest moment, because ultimately that's what this play is. It's a ray of light in its own darkness and it is radiant. This play has a timelessness that is as tragic as the violence its characters endure and as tangible as the comfort that comes from holding someone's hand. It's all the what ifs that stick with you, and when it's over it's like a realization of how souls breathe. Beautiful work!
  • Light Severed From A Star
    20 Apr. 2020
    I’ve read this multiple times and every time it gets me with its touching beauty. I can’t get the comparison of the pain of loss coupled with the vastness of the night sky out of my head, because this play does it so strikingly. If anyone’s looking for a play that examines the depths of being human and being a hopeful mother, I’d argue look no further than this play.
  • 1900s Women Bonding
    18 Apr. 2020
    Historic AND comedic? This would be a perfect addition to any women’s short play festival. From hysteria-coping to glitter tea, this take on “The Yellow Wallpaper” sparkles with its wit and ingenuity.