Recommended by Jamil Jude

  • Well-Intentioned White People
    20 Dec. 2019
    A play that captures the challenges of a "post-racial" society. Rachel has envisioned a world where the micro-aggressions her protagonist face cut deeper than the very real racially-motivated acts she is subjected to. The playwright does not offer an easy salve to the masses but has created a moving piece that should ask all of us to wake up and aspire to do more
  • Rich B*tch
    20 Dec. 2019
    Broad and intimate in all of the ways a dark comedy should be. Refreshing characters that complicate traditional views on class, race, sexuality, and age. Smart writing creating fresh work for the American Theatre we want to see.
  • Good Bad People
    20 Dec. 2019
    Respectability politics takes center stage as the facade of class and education as saviors for the Black community come crashing down. Great nuance. Rachel's understanding of dialogue is very apparent and the payoffs at every turn are satisfying and well-earned.
  • black kitchen sink
    20 Dec. 2019
    Well-written play by a fantastic writer. Explores the traumas experienced by families, especially families of color, that go unmentioned for far too long and the effects it has on the entire family. Characters are well conceived and that action on stage creates a compelling event. Highly recommend.
  • Sojourners
    26 Nov. 2014
    Dynamic play. Beautiful storytelling. Mfoniso has a keen since of dialogue, both in English and in Ibibio. Great lyrical quality to the work.
  • Agnes Under the Big Top, a tall tale
    8 Nov. 2014
    I've loved this show for a very long time. I got a chance to see its development over the years, from arena Stage to Mixed Blood. Quite a moving piece of theatre
  • Leftovers
    8 Nov. 2014
    Awesome play that honestly portrays the struggle young black men face on their journey towards a hopeful future