Recommended by Evonne Fields-Gould

  • Rosalynde and the Falcon
    13 Oct. 2021
    I loved the way David Hansen integrated the old fables with modern twists. This was an ingenious way to present children's long established tales in a fresh new way. Great job.
  • The Snow Angel
    12 Oct. 2021
    Very beautifully told script. It would be great for the Christmas season. Love the dialogue between the characters. Charming story about a child who seems not to believe but did in the end. The story within a story had a lot to say about a child's innocence and the purity of her heart. I was drawn into this story.
  • 38 Cookies, 39 Reasons
    7 Oct. 2021
    This is a very wonderfully crafted script. I love how you show the what and why an overweight person may eat that cookie . Well there are 39 reasons why and IT IS NOBODY'S DAMN BUSINESS. Thank you Steven for writing this script to give support to those who feel they don't have to give anyone a reason for being the size they are. I found the main point is you don't have to feel guilty about eating that cookie. Just let people be and don't try to make them the way others think they should be.
  • Samantha's Friend
    7 Oct. 2021
    I highly recommend this wonderfully written play, SAMANTHA'S FRIEND, by Christopher Plumridge. I found it to be one of those plays that, once you start reading it, you have to keep going to the end. I like how the intensity builds as the story moves along. It is a good read and is a very bitter-sweet play. Good job, Chris.
  • The Resurrectionists
    7 Oct. 2021
    I love the plot behind this play. It is very done with a sense of humor incorporated into it. Love the dialogue.
    7 Oct. 2021
    This is a lovey well told story about the beauty of a good long time friendship between two women. I like the way Pauline embraced her new freedom after the death of her husband. Also how Pauline encouraged Esther to leave the past behind and reach out to experience new adventures that are still waiting ahead for her to enjoy. We need more plays involving actors in their senior years.