John Marks

John Marks

Portland writer, actor, and director working mainly with The Pulp Stage writing Zoom plays.

Current project is the 'That Damned Hotel' podcast.

Accepting commissions.


  • Auld Lang Satan
    It's not always easy, being the only member of your family who isn't really into the whole annual demon-summoning, blood sacrifice thing. But this year is different. This year, Almira is quitting the family.
  • Two Bodies is Company, Three's a Crowd
    A mobster chooses the wrong day to shake down a mortuary, because this day, the dead are rising!
  • Mr. Sniffles
    Breakups are hard, especially when one of you is a superhero and the other is a megalomaniacal villain bent on destroying the world. But, more importantly: who gets the dog?
  • Catastrophe Planet
    An exploratory mission to an unmapped planet becomes perilous as an astronaut and their unintelligent AI realize the truth: the ancient dead civilization below left something deadly behind.
  • The Alien Escapes
    Charlie thinks it was just another shift at area 51. . . until they realize they have a stowaway: an alien! Will they help the alien escape, or turn it in?
  • Horror of April Fool's
    A news reporter breaks a story about an escaped murderous hellbeast, but cannot convince the news anchor that the story is real. Could this have happened on any day OTHER than April Fool's?!
  • We're in Trouble
    Corporate seems mad at the two of them. Maybe it's because their departments were responsible for releasing a hellbeast full of bloodlust on the city. Who knows--corporate, am I right?
  • Alien Terraform
    Series of 5 monologues from an alien civilization that really wishes Earthlings would cooperate as their planet is destroyed.
  • Murder by Leaf
    A defunct detective. A doddy butler. A suspicious heiress. Whodunit?
  • The Shadow Upon the Stair
    Stuart loves abandoned haunting houses, and convinces his girlfriend to go along on a suburban exploration with him. But he encounters something horrible in this house, something hiding in his past.