Recommended by Scott Mullen

  • Date with Death
    26 Feb. 2021
    Despite its subject matter - or maybe because of it - this is a very funny play that keeps the laughs coming all the way to the end :-)
  • Two Tomatoes Attend an Evening at the Theatre
    15 May. 2020
    The best tomato catapult play ever. The WAITING FOR GODOT of tomato catapult plays :-)
    28 Dec. 2019
    A solid, appealing little tale about two teens who come together to help stand up against a bully, that carves out its nice original little lane. Even though she named the bully after me, I give it thumbs up.
  • Interventions
    21 Jul. 2019
    Entertaining and clever, and a good showcase for three actresses :-)
  • Recess
    21 Jul. 2019
    I love this play. I saw it performed in Los Angeles, and the cast nailed it - but it all starts with the words, which are a perfect blend of the playful and ultimately the real. A strong, satisfying piece of work.
  • Blue
    8 May. 2019
    Wow. Just... wow.
  • Les Pamplemousses (a monologue in 12 courses)
    11 Feb. 2019
    This is a great monologue, a tale of the aftermath of a young man's loss of virginity, set against the backdrop of 12 courses of incredibly expensive food at a chic restaurant, all of which combines for an enjoyable, moving tale. There's not a wrong moment here.
  • Canvas
    31 Jan. 2019
    I saw this down at Pick of the Vine in San Pedro, and it was my favorite play of the night. A well-drawn piece that doesn't have a false moment.
  • Survival Strategy
    18 Jan. 2019
    A sweet little play with a truthful, yearning core, that worked very well on stage when I saw it.
  • Being Wendy Wasserstein
    18 Jan. 2019
    A very solid monologue, that really captures Wendy's character and her journey well.