Recommended by Nandita Shenoy

  • The Occupier's Tragedy
    27 Apr. 2022
    This witty take on the Occupy Movement holds up a mirror to issues of inequality in the present day by dressing it up in period costume. Pfeffinger's word play is laugh out loud funny while cutting deeply, like a very expensive and pointy sword. What a fun play!
  • Binders
    9 Mar. 2022
    A funny short piece about identity - how we identify to our lovers, to our parents, and to the world. Moughon employs a twist with great flare to take identity to the next level!
  • For the Benefit of Jimmy Mangiaroli
    7 Feb. 2022
    A wry look at the effects of the pandemic from an unusual angle - that of the Staten Island ferry! O'Day captures a specific moment in time to illuminate the larger political implications of our times.
  • Or,
    1 Jun. 2020
    This is truly one of my favorite contemporary plays. "Or," uses historical drama to comment on traditional gender roles in our current society. It has three terrific roles for actors to sink their teeth into and truly explore their own creativity. I was exhilarated after leaving the original production in New York. Still one of my favorite theatrical experiences!
  • The Lucky Ones
    20 Apr. 2020
    I loved this play for its exploration of female friendship which is so often portrayed as toxic. These characters are flawed humans who love each other fiercely even when they hurt each other or don't agree with each other's choices. A beautiful portrait of love that doesn't fall under the title of romance.
  • you know, that Bakery out in Bensonhurst
    3 Apr. 2020
    This play broke my heart. Gina's beautiful play offers an examination of what a person will do to experience love, even when they are not quite sure what love is. It is poetic and moving and heartbreaking even while making me laugh.
  • The Venetians
    3 Apr. 2020
    I loved this play for its clever weaving of several Shakespeare plots to shed light on the thoughts and motivations of characters who are often maligned in the originals. Each scene is like a special surprise to see how Matt will connect the dots. A very thoughtful and studious examination of Shakespeare that is inventive and refreshing."