Recommended by Katherine Vondy

    21 Jul. 2021
    It seems anything can be bought these days--including self-actualization and enlightenment. Abbey Fenbert's THE INTENSIVE is a whip-smart examination of a facet of the self-help industry that asks: Can we REALLY become better? Or are we just fooling ourselves into believing improvement is possible for someone else's financial benefit? Fast-paced and fun, this play will delight anyone who occasionally wants to throw their hands up in despair at the absurdity of the modern world.
  • Three Women in a Wildfire
    15 Apr. 2021
    This play is an utterly mesmerizing slow burn (forgive the pun!). The desperate, disparate needs felt by each of the titular three women are palpable and expertly crafted, and each woman's journey will break your heart in a different way. THREE WOMEN IN A WILDFIRE manages to be both firmly grounded in human behavior and beautifully theatrical at the same time, and it's a play that audiences will keep thinking about long after the curtains close.
  • Reset
    12 Dec. 2020
    RESET is a quick-paced mind-bender that will leave you in a state of existential contemplation--about the possibly terrifying future of the world as well as your own possibly terrifying individual future. Despite asking a lot of big questions, the play never gets so hung up in its own thoughtfulness that it stops being completely's a nail-biter to the end!
  • Unrivaled
    6 Oct. 2020
    So fun. So compelling. So heartbreaking. Rosie Narasaki has taken an absolutely fascinating piece of history and has transformed it into an absolutely fascinating piece of theater! UNRIVALED is a delightful theatrical romp that sneaks under your skin, disarming you in the best way. World: produce this, please!
  • Beech. Oak. Iris.
    30 Aug. 2020
    This haunting play packs a ton of ideas and emotions into its short runtime. Sometimes quirky, sometimes creepy, and sometimes poignant, BEECH.OAK.IRIS. asks a question that will resonate with every woman who reads it or sees it: why is the world so intent on determining what a woman's story will be, instead of letting her decide for herself?
  • You Looked Hot When You Stole That Dress from Walmart
    23 Aug. 2020
    I couldn't not read a play with this amazing title! The story it tells is of a brief moment that could have been mundane and forgettable in the lives of its characters--but instead, it turns into something joyful and uplifting. It made my heart smile!
  • P in V
    7 Dec. 2019
    This short play is about so much more than P in V; it's about friendship, and hope, and trying to come to terms with the idea that not every dream can come true. The audience will be drawn into the delightful specificity of Sam and Robbie's friendship, but at the same time, will recognize themselves as Sam and Robbie grapple with universal questions about love and family.
  • Alice, Pursued by a Bear
    10 Nov. 2019
    This short play manages to be both grounded and theatrical, and eloquently expresses the complexity of our relationships with our own paralyzing fears. Anxiety has never been so charming!
  • How the Light Gets In
    30 Oct. 2019
    A simple but eloquent play that, per its title, allows moments of levity and joy into a story in which every character struggles with a different kind of heartbreak. I saw Boston Court's production of HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN and was both entertained and moved throughout the play's well-paced 90 minutes. Lovely characters, lovely story, lovely experience!
  • Into the Gobpile
    24 Aug. 2019
    I saw a reading of INTO THE GOBPILE at The Road Theatre's Summer Playwrights Festival and was captivated by this story of a young woman being forced to re-examine her preconceptions of the world. Every character is full and compelling, and the play's evocative theatricality and unique tone will stick with you for a long time.