Recommended by Katherine Vondy

  • P in V
    7 Dec. 2019
    This short play is about so much more than P in V; it's about friendship, and hope, and trying to come to terms with the idea that not every dream can come true. The audience will be drawn into the delightful specificity of Sam and Robbie's friendship, but at the same time, will recognize themselves as Sam and Robbie grapple with universal questions about love and family.
  • Alice, Pursued by a Bear
    10 Nov. 2019
    This short play manages to be both grounded and theatrical, and eloquently expresses the complexity of our relationships with our own paralyzing fears. Anxiety has never been so charming!
  • How the Light Gets In
    30 Oct. 2019
    A simple but eloquent play that, per its title, allows moments of levity and joy into a story in which every character struggles with a different kind of heartbreak. I saw Boston Court's production of HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN and was both entertained and moved throughout the play's well-paced 90 minutes. Lovely characters, lovely story, lovely experience!
  • Into the Gobpile
    24 Aug. 2019
    I saw a reading of INTO THE GOBPILE at The Road Theatre's Summer Playwrights Festival and was captivated by this story of a young woman being forced to re-examine her preconceptions of the world. Every character is full and compelling, and the play's evocative theatricality and unique tone will stick with you for a long time.
  • Nurse Cadden
    21 Jun. 2019
    Kate Mickere's delightful dark comedy NURSE CADDEN presents a portrait of a fascinating figure from history in a sharp and imaginative way that will have audiences laughing uproariously while also questioning their own moral compasses. The story may be from a bygone era--but the subject matter and Mickere's exploration of it could not be more relevant to our modern lives!
  • Suddenly Split & Swiping Over
    15 May. 2019
    I had the pleasure of directing this play's production at the Hollywood Fringe Festival as well as its extended Bay Area run. It takes the audience on a charming and relatable journey that is full of laughs, but also offers touching moments of reflection and poignance. A great choice for a gifted actress looking for a show that will highlight her versatility and comedy chops!