Recommended by Katherine Vondy

  • Screen Time
    25 May. 2024
    This dark comedy looks at our collective addiction to our cell phones, taking the consequences of this addiction to its logical (and devastating) conclusion. But, at the same time, it's hilarious! The roles for these two actors are so meaty (given Ben's excellent monologues at the chicken processing plant, the pun is intended!), and the play manages to explore a very serious issue in an incredibly fun way,
  • In the Mouth of the Beast
    25 May. 2024
    I don't know another play with poetry like this; its language and style is absolutely unique and stunning. The father/daughter relationship is incredibly dimensional and nuanced, and it would be a dream for a creative design team and director to bring to life!
  • The Girl Who Could Talk to Birds
    18 Mar. 2024
    Pure fun, with lots of charm and tons of creative potential when it comes to how the production chooses to portray the animal characters. It's sure to delight actors and audiences alike!
  • Vampire Panic!
    17 Dec. 2023
    This play is an absurdist riot! But at the same time, the characters and the conundrums they face are all too relatable in our pandemic-rocked world. Kate Mickere's memorable characters and delightful sense of humor are sure to entertain audiences while offering a new--but informed--perspective on vampire tropes. History has never been so fun!
  • Mama, I wish I were silver
    22 Jun. 2023
    Both ethereal and grounded, MAMA, I WISH I WERE SILVER explores the complex and poignant relationship between sisters, mothers, and daughters. What starts out as a simple premise--two sisters joining together to deal with their mother's artifacts--grows and expands to reveal so much more about history and family churning beautifully beneath the surface. A lovely play with deep and thought-provoking roles for its two actresses.
  • overlap
    14 Mar. 2023
    First, you get swept away in a witty modern romance--but then, the magic spell of watching two people fall for each other is broken by a tragic event beyond the couple's control. This play will surprise and move audiences as it evolves into a thoughtful exploration of different kinds of love and how we grapple with loss.
  • @MyItalianGrandma
    12 Mar. 2023
    A delightful exploration of the relationship between a struggling young man and his brassy grandmother, this comedy has a lovely poignant core that will move you emotionally even as you're chuckling at the hilarious intergenerational antics on stage! A definite crowd-pleaser, @MyItalianGrandma also offers two great roles for actors in Steven and Josephine.
  • Shark Week (short play)
    3 Sep. 2022
    Helpful hints are often circulated to anyone who's going to be near a body of water, reminding us that drowning doesn't look like drowning. SHARK WEEK shows us that this is true metaphorically, too; so often we don't recognize that the people closest to us are being pulled under by their plights. This short play expertly balances grounded human experiences with delightful flights of fancy to evoke a moment that is short in duration but long in meaning.
  • Bereavement Leave
    22 Jan. 2022
    If you have ever had an office job, the never-ending mundane tasks and grating bureaucracy of the BEREAVEMENT LEAVE workplace will feel all too familiar; the play brilliantly brings into sharp relief how very little separates life in the corporate world from an absurdist nightmare. It will make you reluctant to ever open your communal office fridge again--but in the most darkly hilarious (and extremely produceable!) way!
  • Jaldee / Hurry (The Desi Icarus of Wall Street)
    10 Jan. 2022
    Simultaneously firmly grounded in the details of everyday life and strikingly poetic, JALDEE beautifully weaves together Greek mythology, Wall Street culture, and the immigrant experience to tell a story that will entertain you before ultimately breaking your heart (but in the best and most thought-provoking way). Putting the Immigration and Embassy Officers in the roles of gods is an especially clever and compelling premise. Can't wait to see this play produced!