Recommended by Ian Donley

  • Monsters of the American Cinema
    13 Aug. 2022
    Simply glorious! The mix of direct storytelling and dialogue makes the plot worth investing in. This play has many layers to unpack from racism, internalized (and outward) homophobia, and grief while incorporating throwback cinema. I would absolutely love to see this live.
  • The Muses Of Humanity
    13 Aug. 2022
    A debate on ethics that pushes the audience to determine what's too far in the world of art!
  • FIREFLIES - one minute monologue
    13 Aug. 2022
    An accurate portrayal of first love and, in my case, made me think of what I could've had if I hadn't missed my opportunity.
  • More For You (Closure)
    11 Aug. 2022
    An original crime thriller inspired by the likes of Hitchcock infused with LGBTQ acceptance and roles for LGBTQ artists to sink their teeth into!
  • The Sadness of Johnny Depp
    1 Aug. 2022
    The Sadness of Johnny Depp explores the moment in a relationship where it can go either right or left, and it's fascinating to see.
  • Theatre: A Love Story
    1 Aug. 2022
    Not only does "Theatre: A Love Story" give artists motivation to tell their stories, but it gives the world a helpful nudge to work towards healing it. Caridad Svich delivers a poetic piece with so many complex ideals, particularly through the characters ONE and FOUR. A good piece for actors and writers to improve their skills with.
  • Subway Adventures
    1 Aug. 2022
    Jaxson Mackling takes a chance encounter and develops multiple layers between Lea and Sam effortlessly. From awkward to flirty, their relationship is one any actor would love to explore.
  • Lady Fashion
    1 Aug. 2022
    A lovely scene with a reassuring ending.
  • In Transit (10 min.)
    1 Aug. 2022
    Robin Rice gives us a lot to chew on. These two women need each other in ways the other doesn't fully understand, but respects.
  • 23 and Bree (from the THE WRINKLE RANCH AND OTHER PLAYS ABOUT GROWING OLD collection)
    30 Jul. 2022
    Featuring three women with complexity in a tragic situation, Debra A. Cole writes a captivating scene that showcases longing for answers.