Ryan Elliot Wilson

Ryan Elliot Wilson

Ryan is a playwright and songwriter who grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and lit out for the Golden State when still a pup. His most recent project is developing Alisha Firewind at The Road Theatre in North Hollywood. His play for the high school stage, Bowlarama, is published by Gitelman & Good. He hopes you find yourself in the audience sometime, and if you do, feel free to sing along if the spirit moves you.


  • Bowlarama
    On Grad Night at Mexico Lanes in tiny Mexico, Missouri, in 1999, teams of four soon-to-be graduates compete for the Ronald Gilmer Scholarship, money the graduates need if they’re to find a path in, through, or out of a town decimated by economic forces beyond their control.
  • Alisha Firewind
    The Parson family is coping, like everyone else who isn’t a fascist—pardon, a "Patriot"—with the fall of democracy in their home state. Lost jobs, healthcare, surveilled by neighbors—it’s tough all over. But unlike everyone else, the Parsons have Alisha Firewind, a therapeutic, taxidermy mule head hanging in their living room who helps them sing their struggles.
  • Harbor City Tonight!
    Our teenage narrator, Cindy, introduces the good and not so good folks who seem to be stuck in a recurring dream in Harbor City, singing us through what it takes to survive the night in a place where informers lurk after the nightly executions in the town square of this port town, this Americana dream turned nightmare.

Recommended by Ryan Elliot Wilson

  • Feast
    3 Mar. 2023
    Reports of the English major's demise have been greatly exaggerated! This is a play for all the scarf-donning, cafe sipping, cheap red drinkers. Howard's use of Hemingway and Fitzgerald to frame a contemporary friendship between two men who are asking key questions about the purpose and authenticity of their lives is a wonderfully fun device. It's also a highly impressive balancing act of tone--never taking itself too seriously while offering the audience universal thematic connection. A fun night at the theater!
  • unconformity
    3 Mar. 2023
    I was lucky enough to work with Mak in a play development program, so first just let me say what generous, sharp, boundless force of nature Mak is in the room! Unconformity has a brilliant central metaphor--the shifting plates of the earth itself. Over years, how can people make sense of each other? This play asks great questions about the human heart, about the roles we play in each others' lives. Pep is a fantastic creation--a young character that truly stays with you.
  • Memory of Winter
    3 Mar. 2023
    I had the honor of seeing this play from its early stages, and I can tell you it fully transports you onto the ice with these characters. The setting sparkles, and the language is rich, funny, and heartbreaking. Jackson is an unforgettable character, but all the people of this play burn with passion.