Recommended by Erlina Ortiz

  • Carroll County Fix
    15 Mar. 2022
    A really excellent examination of how relationships are irrevocably altered when one person stays and one person goes. Makes you ache for home in that way that is both comforting and painful. The characters in all their beautiful and broken ways slowly worm into your consciousness and stay with you long after you've left the theatre.
  • Sapience
    25 Jul. 2020
    Startling, tragic, funny, engrossing... The interrogation of human language and connection, mortality, mixed with very much needed stories of folks on the spectrum and the science behind it all had me hooked from the start. I woke up early on a Saturday excited to finish reading this play!
  • Then They Forgot About The Rest
    22 Jun. 2019
    Yes yes yes! I'm left breathless after simply reading this play. It is dark and unnerving and poetic and just a beautiful exploration of loss and memory.
  • Esther Choi and the Fish that Drowned
    23 Mar. 2019
    I enjoy how this play unfolds and lets us know more and more about these characters and how they try to keep each other safe. Very rarely do we get to see a grand-daugther grand-father relationship portrayed on stage and I think this play does it beautifully while dealing with important contemporary concepts. When grandfather talks about the cops being so mean my heart just breaks!
  • On the Formidable Ambiguity of the Foreseeable Future, We Rise
    23 Mar. 2019
    A strange and exhilarating journey of self discovery and breaking from the mold in a world that values sameness. Weirdly funny and very scary.
  • Good Cuban Girls
    23 Mar. 2019
    A wholesome and hilarious look at how our values shape us, and how difficult it is to face family members when we don't meet their high expectations. As a 1st generation Latina I found this play to be almost too relatable to the point where I didn't know if the tears were from compassion or laughter.
    23 Mar. 2019
    A truly engrossing from beginning to end ride. I can't wait to see this funny and important show in production!
  • The Mango Tree (Featured in Power Street Theatre Company's PALANTE)
    23 Mar. 2019
    A beautiful visceral piece about belonging and not belonging.
  • HYPE MAN: a break beat play
    6 Feb. 2019
    Just saw this play at InterAct Theatre and it was really engaging and fun while dealing with the very important topic of ally-ship.
  • Bottle Fly
    2 Sep. 2018
    I don’t usually enjoy reading plays as much as seeing them, but reading Bottle Fly was really a joy. The language and rhythm of the piece are easy to catch by the first few pages, and as you read on you realize how full and real the characters are becoming. Any one of these complex roles would be a lot of fun for an actor to jump into, and I appreciated the specificity when it came to ideas about race and ethnicity in this world.