Melissa Schmitz

Melissa Schmitz


  • Bubba and Krystyl are Unraveling the Fabric of Reality and Playing with It Like a Ball of String (and we’re all kinda glad they are)
    Three cats are playing video games, and they're unraveling the fabric of reality and playing with it like a ball of string.

    This play was written for the 2023 Secret Santa Exchange in the Playwrights Thriving group, and the title was gifted by Steve Martin.
  • Lazarillo de Tormes
    Adapted from the anonymous Spanish Golden Age novella, this one-act follows the trials and tribulations of young Lazarillo and his first master, the blind man, as he does whatever it takes to survive.

Recommended by Melissa Schmitz

  • Artemisia
    2 Nov. 2023
    ARTEMISIA has everything! Art, feminism, lots of swearing, sex, an Italian duke, good writing - what else could you possibly want? Artemisia's life and the stories her paintings tell are deliciously woven together in this story about a real-life artist from 17th century Italy. ARTEMISIA has a long life ahead of it and will definitely help keep Lauren Gunderson on the "most-produced" lists where she belongs!
  • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
    6 Nov. 2022
    John Minigan has crafted a fun and compelling solo adaptation of THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW that offers a delightfully challenging tour de force for the actor tasked with performing it. A great opportunity for a dynamic character actor looking to demonstrate or extend their range in a show is pretty much guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.
    4 Nov. 2022
    In CYRANO ON THE MOON, Monica Cross imagines a sequel in which our heroes earn a happier ending in the afterlife in this magical, whimsical short play that still allows time for swash-buckling and romance. Delightful.
  • The Violet Sisters
    4 Nov. 2022
    THE VIOLET SISTERS by Gina Femia is a play I still think about even though I read it a few years ago. If you want a two-hander with strong female leads, suspense, dynamic characters that actors can really sink their teeth into, realistic dialog, and a play about family, look no further. Highly highly recommend.
  • Teenage Dick (vaguely from Richard III)
    4 Nov. 2022
    From the provocative title to the shocking conclusion, TEENAGE DICK by Mike Lew is a captivating, modern adaptation of RICHARD III that builds suspense with each scene, even when you "know" what's going to happen. The dramaturgy is tight, the dialog is realistic, even the names are clever, and it's one of the best plays I've read in the past few years. Highly recommend.