Greg Mandryk

Greg Mandryk

Greg Mandryk is a playwright living in Cleveland, OH.


  • The End Is Nigh (And Yet, So Far)
    Full length. A party hall proprietor has rented out her venue to a doomsday cult for their big apocalypse bash. As the night progresses, ominous signs cause the staff to question if maybe the cultists are on to something.
  • Bloody, Little Pieces
    It's staged fright! This horror anthology is a collection of nine short plays: Clip Clop, The Cold Hit, The Recurrence, Available without a Prescription, Beatrice, Unknown Number, Din Din, Steel Trap, and Zoinks.
  • O' Daedalus!
    WORK IN PROGRESS! Seriously, I'm not about to submit this thing anywhere in its current state. But for anyone who's seen bits and pieces workshopped and wants to know how it all fits together, here you go.

    O' Daedalus! is a whimsical, wacky, highly irreverent take on a major figure in Greek mythology.
  • The Shill
    One-Act. The aliens have invaded, and humans are now the hottest source of protein available in the grocery stores of the Throdaxian's home world. A struggling actor is up for the role of a lifetime as the mascot for Varkon Ranch's line of human-based meat foods. It's an audition he has to nail, because "if you're not on the package, you're in the package".
  • Venus Needs Men
    10-minutes. On the planet Venus, men are extinct, making it extremely difficult to cast a production of 1776.
  • Sandy's Gift
    10-minutes. Sandy may or may not be psychic. What fun! Her co-worker may or may not have a horrible secret. Oh dear.
  • September in Biddeford
    We've all been there: you're watching a dreadfully dull drama that promises to go nowhere and is taking its sweet time getting there. You'd gladly offer up a kidney if the plot would only take a turn in some completely outrageous direction, but it never does. Until now. A woman reconnects with her mother in this tale of family, forgiveness, and giant flesh-eating lobsters.
  • Special Extra Treatment
    Under 10 minutes. A romantic dinner is disrupted when a pair of background extras are mistakenly seated at the lead characters' table.
  • If at First
    A young woman goes to extreme lengths to win over the man of her dreams.
  • Unknown Number
    As a snowstorm rages outside, a woman receives phone calls from an entity that attempts to lure her outside.
  • The Cold Hit
    Two low-level mobsters have been given the seemingly simple task of disposing of a thorn in their boss's side. But some folks just don't know how to die.
  • Clip Clop
    A nighttime run turns into a race for survival.
  • The Brotherhood of the Sloth
    10-minute play. Does it ever seem like people go out of their way just to be in your way? They're not doing that intentionally, right? Right?
  • A Cause for Concern
    A man feels conflicted when he is approached by a charitable organization with a dark side.
  • Din Din
    It's suppertime! But what's on the menu?
  • Beatrice
    It's Halloween. Pray the town's horror legend doesn't come knocking on your door.
  • Battle Station Kilgaro
    The Drezzeki Empire threatens Earth! The only thing standing in their way is the valiant crew of Battle Station Kilgaro and their type A personality commander, Pryke.

    Honestly, things might be better if the Drezzeki win.
  • The Disembodied Head of Joseph Lourde
    An aspiring novelist tries to stoke his creative energy by adorning his writer's nook with a bust of his literary idol.
  • The Alexander
    A voyeur peers into a neighboring hotel and sees the phantoms of its bloody past.
  • Day Shift of the Dead
    Zombies rising from their graves is bad and all, but at least you get a day off from work. Right?