Recommended by Joe Zarrow

  • The Secretaries
    29 May. 2022
    I've been in a bit of a playgoing funk since COVID started two years ago, but seeing THE SECRETARIES reminded me of the possibilities of what theater and language can accomplish. Thrilling and ambitious and hilarious and horrifying all at once.
  • galatea 2.0
    18 May. 2022
    GALATEA 2.0 is simultaneously theatrical and gutsy, up-to-the-minute and historically informed. It's a terrific new take on a perpetually-relevant mythic trope.
  • Vulpecula
    21 Apr. 2022
    Rumberger creates an exciting story in a genre that can be tricky to nail onstage, with a compelling sister-sister relationship at its center.
  • Quiver
    22 Jan. 2020
    I just performed in a reading of Quiver at Flint Rep. Somebody produce this thing. It's ready. It's deeply felt, nuanced, theatrically inventive, *and* it tells the story of characters we don't often get to see onstage.
  • John Proctor is the Villain
    9 Oct. 2019
    How did she write this play so fast? It is so of our moment and so well-built. I used to teach high school English, and hated teaching The Crucible -- wish I'd had this play to teach instead.
  • La Mujer Barbuda
    23 Apr. 2019
    Brutally honest about the challenges of early parenthood. Also hilarious and absurd and delightful.
  • Herland
    21 Mar. 2018
    Keep an eye on Grace. This play has an incredibly light and loving touch, with three (!) great roles for older women.
  • Tom & Eliza
    18 Dec. 2017
    A unique take on the "love story two-hander" genre. I'm still thinking about it a week after reading it.
  • Escape Velocity
    27 Sep. 2017
    If Noel Coward wrote a beautiful achronological play about the '60s counterculture, you might get something as lovely as Escape Velocity.
  • Infirmary Shakes
    12 Sep. 2017
    A strange and uncannily moving multigenerational story.