Recommended by Hope Villanueva

  • Ageless
    6 Jun. 2020
    A completely fascinating musing on the future and aging (and not aging) that still manages to remain personal and human. It's possible to see each character's struggle clearly, making it impossible to take sides in the play's central debate: Is it better to age or stay forever young? I'd love to see this play in production, as well, and learn what a good group of designers will do with the future technology elements.
  • Dreams on a Dime
    2 May. 2020
    A charming story up front about a family that feels familiar, but is unexpected thrown into complication by the good fortune of winning the lottery. Young Alfred is particularly interesting to watch, balancing his need to care for his family, the desire to keep the whole thing quiet, and wrestling with the struggles of being Black in America. A very worth while read!
    19 Apr. 2020
    If you're looking for a charming romp, this fits the bill. Featuring lead roles for mature actors, Mary is a leading lady full of spunk and sass. This is a welcome break from plays about 20 year olds (no offense!) and reminds us that life and romance are still a vital part of later life.
  • Sabrina and the Thunderbird
    17 Sep. 2019
    The dialogue of this is so clear and true and witty that you know exactly who everyone is immediately and the play comes charging out of the gate. It's hard to blend mysticism in a way that doesn't feel gimmicky, and Partain succeeds well here, bouncing between the magical and the real. There's also piles of technical challenges, including a 9.6 earthquake onstage, and I'd be excited to see the meal that a great director and design team could make of these moments.
  • Until the Earth Breaks Open
    2 Sep. 2019
    This is poetry. This play is beautiful in its simplicity and truthful emotion. A reminder of what America has lost - and continues to lose - by denying the humanity of immigrants.
  • Into The River I Went
    2 Sep. 2019
    An intriguing mix of horror film, psychological magical realism, and contemporary truth, "Into the River I Went" kept picking up steam as it went along. As someone who does a lot of technical theatre work, the idea of bringing the Beast's being and all the ways it could be represented was thrilling. A timely story of two very different women with one tragedy in common.
  • The Patient
    4 Oct. 2018
    It would be easy for a play about mental degradation to too technical and scientific, but Polak's play keeps us tightly with the characters and in their story. Sentimental in just the right doses and jarring as this journey must be, I found myself relating to every one in the story and understanding even their poorest decisions. Delicately and beautifully handled. It also leaves nearly everything to the imagination of the director and designers, so I would love to see this play staged.
  • Exotic America
    31 Mar. 2016
    A fascinating and complex piece about government vs. the people and vice versa, as well as the people vs. themselves, with strong echoes of Orwell's "1984". I will be very interested to see what a director does with the actual staging of this - it offers huge opportunities for creative staging and casting.
  • The Difficult People
    31 Mar. 2016
    This sharply written piece makes clear the state of modern racism, while taking you on a journey that begins in humor and eccentricity before devolving into the ugly state of reality. Dialogue is realistic and moves with great fluidity, and the characters are people we've all met and will relate to. We should be reading pieces like this and producing pieces like this.
    21 Jul. 2015
    Wyndham has created a story of a very personal choice that moves with an exciting pace and a mix of characters not normally thrown into this kind of plot. Allegra has a rich and complexly human life and has to weigh so many things that it seems almost impossible to put herself first. A play about the struggle between what the world thinks you should do and listening to your own truths. A casting challenge, but wonderfully worthwhile piece.