Recommended by Gemma Cooper-Novack

  • The Polycule: A Comedy of Manners
    8 Sep. 2023
    Well, this play is just a goddamn delight. The use of verse is precise and hilarious, and the character development so effectively mediated through it. As the plot descends into well-structured chaos, I was worried the play was going to come out anti-poly, but it turns out that it's shaped a beautiful and oddly moving ending. I am so excited this play is in the world.
  • LULLABY PLAY (a liminal medea)
    8 Sep. 2023
    Ooh, I would be so excited to see a production of this piece. Kantor beautifully integrates the poetic with the everyday, leaving us in a precisely calibrated and unique space.
  • Extraordinary People
    6 Sep. 2022
    Sandra de Helen has created an utterly original and completely fascinating concept for a play here!
  • The Paper Hangers
    23 Apr. 2020
    This is a smart, fascinating take on a classic feminist story. Brauer Rogers takes full advantage of theatrical possibilities, and I'd be so excited to see this play move towards a full production!
    13 Apr. 2020
    A loving one-minute play that still offers tremendous opportunities for performer goofiness, thus making it affectionate without being sentimental. It made me happy to read.
  • Carefully Taught
    5 Feb. 2020
    Davis's choices relating to theatricality have a great effect, and the question at the center of the play—the relationships among friendship, self-concept, and racism and white supremacy—are tremendously resonant. This would be a fascinating piece for development.
  • Glassheart
    3 Jan. 2020
    The development of Only is particularly fascinating in this piece--Hardy knows how to call the right parts of her scenario into question within her script at the right time.
  • Marianas Trench (Part One of The Second World Trilogy)
    16 Dec. 2019
    A complex, thorny, compelling play with a fierce and smart ending. Although I struggled with the dialogue and exposition in the early scenes, I found myself swept fully into the communicative world that Teddy and Anzor managed to build for themselves across boundaries and threats, and the ending, again, is painful in precisely the right way. There's a range of rich queer male roles in this play. I would be excited to see it produced!
  • This Play Has an Iguana for a Protagonist
    14 Jul. 2019
    Oh, I love a good silly play. Dooley's work of course delivers what the title promises, but it also manages to bring through the utter weirdness of human-pet relationships in a surreal, goofy manner and even delivers education about menstruation! This play would be so much fun to produce.
  • 80 Cards
    23 Jan. 2019
    Well, this is fun! A really innovative form, reminiscent of The Neo-Futurists' work, reminding us, as we all need to be reminded, of the artifice of theatre for both performer and audience.