Ally Lardner

Ally Lardner

Ally Lardner (she/hers) is a Los Angeles playwright and stage manager. Her play DRIVING LESSENS was produced virtually at Boston College and was a finalist in the Garry Marshall Theatre New Works Festival 2022. She works as script coordinator on ABC Daytime's GENERAL HOSPITAL. IG: @allymlardner


  • And Tomorrow
    Maggie Gerald is getting over a boy she never dated, and she’s doing it TONIGHT. She’ll take any school of healing — Catholicism, Buddhism, New Age Spirituality, 20 dollar palm reader in an alleyway. This is life or death, and she’s choosing life. AND TOMORROW follows four roommates grieving their own real, imagined, or anticipated losses, and asks the question: tomorrow, will we try again?
  • Driving Lessens
    In rural South Jersey, a car means freedom. In an unwilling act of neighborly compassion after a tragedy, Thea Lucas drives her classmate Rob Kelly to school every morning. The 2016 Presidential Election looms over the country, the machine of high school gossip rages — Thea and Rob drive.

Recommended by Ally Lardner

  • Janie / Basil
    28 Jul. 2023
    Intensely funny and darkly bizarre at turns. Quinn has written a superb two-hander about so much more than the danger of the Internet.
  • PEACHY: a sorta chekhovian traumedy
    28 Jul. 2023
    A gorgeous play on The Cherry Orchard — with a dollop of mint chutney, and a beautiful brown cast of characters! In a blend of timely Gen Z humor and insight into the 1962 miscegenation laws, Sharma has cooked up a truly touching and hilarious play.