Julia Specht

Julia Specht

Julia Specht is a Brooklyn-based writer, originally from Massachusetts. Her plays include Down Cleghorn (Ensemble Studio Theatre), Patty, overpass, and Allston Rat City (Warner International Play Competition, finalist). Her work has been produced in New York at Ensemble Studio Theatre, The Tank, New Ohio, and The Kraine. She's a proud member of Youngblood, Ensemble Studio Theatre's Obie award-winning writers group.


  • Grabby

    This is a goofy little play about start-up culture and self-improvement and how both things will eventually drive you completely insane. Music by Jacob Brandt.
  • overpass
    First, two sisters watch reality television and crack jokes about Bret Michaels. Then, one sits in a McDonald's bathroom with the ghost of the other, and they crack jokes about being alive.

    This is a play about mental illness, having a sister, and how completely ridiculous it is to have a body.
  • Yukon
    A woman gets injured while dog sledding and has a conversation with her dead brother.
  • Patty
    Bigfoot hunters in 2016.
  • Trigger Warning
    A woman tries to help her father & uncle get their hoarding under control.
  • Down Cleghorn
    Two sisters attempt to bake a casserole for the daughter of the recently deceased local funeral director who used to care for them. Their mother takes issue. Family drama ensues. A play deeply connected to the regional history of Fitchburg, MA.
  • Bridal Boutique
    Post-election wedding dress shopping.
  • Precious Little Things
    A woman wrestles with anxiety at the thought of being a mother on the day of her baby shower. Meanwhile, the ducks from her baby shower decorations taunt her with nursery rhymes.
  • Allston Rat City
    A couple's relationship crumbles as one of them drifts deeper into psychotic depression. Meanwhile, the rats of Allston have decided to take over the city. Warner International Playwriting Competition finalist.
  • Promises (co-written with Meron Langsner)
    A couple wrestles - literally - with infidelity
  • i think this is going poorly
    A teen girl discovers that her body is rotting. Maybe? Doctors say it's not. But is it? It looks like it is? But the doctor said. The Skin Monster comes to visit, and together they try to figure it out.

    This is a play about body dysmorphia, fighting with your body, not being believed, and being a teenager.
  • Medea Says Goodbye
    Immersive, written to be performed in a night club. Medea says goodbye to the women of Corinth.

    Written specifically for Daphne Overbeck, a trans performer; I'd prefer if it continues to be done by trans actors.