Mara Elissa Palma

Mara Elissa Palma

Mara Elissa Palma is an actor, playwright, director, and producer. Based in Seattle, she has also spent time in Boston, MA. She graduated from Wellesley College with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies and Political Science.

Photograph by Sonia Xu @poweredbyxu and


  • Octavia and Kleopatra [podcast excerpt]
    Octavia, Empress of Rome, receives Gaius Marius into the Roman palace after a 3-month mission to Egypt, and he presents a gift from Kleopatra, Pharaoh of Egypt. The visit launches a series of tactics and maneuvers that will decide the fate of both women and the countries they rule.
  • BOSTON*: A Mortality Play
    *This play will change titles to reflect the cities it will be produced in to reflect the shared humanity in each community.

    An exploration of the ways in which love and pain are so intertwined, and why. Of course, hope and time play a part in it too, for better or for worse. It's a love story, but whose?
  • Civil Hands (an excerpt)
    A king and his commander encounter a knight in an open field. A negotiation ensues in which two countries' fates hang in the balance. All is not as it seems.
  • Love Told Pain, Pain Told Love (an excerpt)
    An exploration of why love and pain coexist so closely in our lives. It is a relationship that is at the core of so many different relationships. What does that mean for our humanity?