Recommended by Ben F. Locke

  • Homegrown: An Insurrection Play
    3 Jul. 2022
    This was such an interesting play and I loved the lens we got to see it from. It's great to see a Black woman write this story and focus on not only the actions but how those actions affect others, specifically the kids. This is a play that not only shows the mess but provides solutions and offers healing in a time that we truly need it because we are STILL dealing with the actions of January 6th and everything that led up to it.
    9 May. 2022
    Wow! What a beautiful play! It's got friendship, hardship, trauma and healing. I was not expecting the twists the happened and was just rooting for both of these boys the whole way through. We need more plays like this that allow men of color to explore sexuality, friendship, communication and healing as both young boys and adults.
  • Rich B*tch
    6 May. 2022
    What a beautiful train wreck of a play! Knowing that this is a show of all women of color really just made this play that much more enjoyable! Yes, it's caddy and mean on the surface but I do enjoy the love that is there and just how messy each character is. I'd absolutely love to see a production of this show!
  • 5
    6 May. 2022
    Wow. This play is so gorgeously messy and heartfelt. The relationships are so complex and real. I love the Biblical/magical moments that just amplify this story and the message. I'd love to see a production of this show because it reads so beautifully on the page
  • Well-Intentioned White People
    5 May. 2022
    I really loved this play! It's so satisfyingly cringey. This is a play that is all too familiar to any non-white person and unfortunately so relevant yet gratefully funny, concise and effective.
    4 May. 2022
    A very uncomfortable play in all the best ways. This play is a LOT to navigate through and uses all sorts of creative forms to tell this story. I love that this play creates an everyday look to ED and the never ending journey of recovery on non typical bodies. Everyone is flawed and simply trying to do their best and that's what's so relatable yet heartbreaking.
  • I Wanna Fuck like Romeo and Juliet
    4 May. 2022
    I absolutely love this play! It's so refreshing for BIPOC/Queer people to get such a beautiful love story that's not white centered or drenched in trauma. It's funny and creative and visually stunning on the page. I need to see a full production of this immediately.
    4 May. 2022
    Such a great and topical play! Love the ways that violence and weapons are portrayed and explored. There are definitely arguments on both sides and I enjoyed the journey, especially in today's society. People scare me way more than any weapon, especially people like Josh.
    28 Apr. 2022
    I really love this play! It's amazing to see what happens when We write OUR stories. This play goes ways deeper than just what's on the surface. It not only tackles allyship for white people but also the complexities of intersectional allyship. I loved that everyone is so flawed and working through how to make sense of what is the best decision to make for themselves and for the good of the other. This is a show that makes you feel icky yet hopeful and I really love that uncomfortable and conflicting feeling.
  • full-life-experience
    19 Apr. 2022
    This play took a lot of twists and turns that I thoroughly enjoyed. I really enjoyed that writing style and how funny it was, given the topics it brought up.