Recommended by Emily Brauer Rogers

    30 Apr. 2020
    A touching and light-hearted comedy about a woman finally doing what she wants after so many years. Fun comedic parts for three women.
  • Shiver and Shake
    22 Apr. 2020
    A charming fairy tale about learning your own powers with sweet humor, fun roles for the various ghosts, and a strong message about finding your own strength.
  • BureauCRAZY
    4 Sep. 2019
    I saw this play at Project La Femme's Page to Stage Festival as a staged reading. The show has so many laugh out loud moments and has terrific physical humor for the mostly female cast. The comedy continues to build and the dialogue is terrific. She plays on workplace humor and the revenge fantasies one has towards an awful boss. Danley's a queen of comedy and this is a fabulous farce with a ton of heart.
  • The Remote (a ten minute play)
    5 Mar. 2019
    A delightfully funny play that looks at the issues of marriage when the couple becomes possessed by tv channels and can only switch their speech by using a remote.
    8 Oct. 2018
    A scary play that quickly grips you and doesn't let go until the very last moment. The characters have nuance and are strong roles for any of the three actors. The conclusion also provides a sense of ambiguity and gives you no easy answers in this compelling piece.
  • Spark
    7 Oct. 2018
    A fun teen comedy about a shape-shifting dragon that takes on human form and learns more about her teen friends and what it means to be human. Strong female characters as the dragon and mother of the dragon.
  • Age of Bees
    30 Sep. 2018
    A beautiful play that looks at what happens after we've lost bees. But more importantly, it's a story about what can survive in a desolate landscape and where we can find hope in the darkest places.