Recommended by Matthew McLachlan

  • Zachary Hates Everything...
    21 Mar. 2021
    A visceral and dark play on trauma, love, family, and friendship, all mixed up in a rollercoaster of teenage darkness. It's a great play for a young audience who is ready to see some dark shit and not have things spoon-fed to them, like most plays for young audiences.
  • Tall Tales
    10 Mar. 2021
    Great storytelling with a lot of heart and clear characters. A fun supernatural/ spiritual element that kept me guessing. A fun read. Maybe not as fun if you're from a tiny Christian town where everyone judges you -raises hand- but still very fun and very well written.
  • Unforgivable
    28 Feb. 2021
    So dumb and I mean that in the best way possible. I love a good silly piece and this works perfectly with the format of a one minute play. So good.
  • James of Nazareth
    28 Feb. 2021
    What a hilarious and non-boring way to tell the story of Jesus with perspectives and aspects I never knew. I loved the Bible-centered jokes and the way Peter was portrayed as a bit of a weiner. This show is hilarious, I'd love to see it live, and is a really easy and fun read, which is not always the case. Great work!
  • The Prodigal One
    24 Feb. 2021
    What a great family drama with current issues, mixed with the search for identity. So many different stakes set up in a very clear and poignant way that I found myself wondering what the hell was going to happen next and how this play was going to resolve itself. Great work.
  • Extraction
    17 Feb. 2021
    Not often I read a play that makes me push back doing things so I can read more. A wonderful story of small town life and its residents being disrupted when an outsider comes in. Such a wonderfully simple premise that is pushed to the limit in the best way possible. Characters are incredibly clear and the wonderful imagery you get from the descriptions pop into your mind beautifully. I hope to see a production of this in the near future!
  • The National Debt Is Paid
    15 Feb. 2021
    When it comes to the mega-rich, creating humanity and compassion for them is no easy feat. This play gives each character a unique voice, perspective, and heart when it comes to the high powered positions they take up, whether they truly wanted said positions or not. This play is bold, kind, and a fun read.
  • How To Destroy An American Girl Doll
    2 Apr. 2019
    This play is powerful, real, and downright funny. It knows when to take the subject matter to the edge and then shake things up with laugh out loud humor. Jan Rosenberg has built a beautifully complicated piece of humanity smack dap in the middle of that grey area most contemporary plays strive hard to get to but usually just miss the mark. There is a darkness to this piece, but the light is bright and spot on as well. A bold, powerful, and incredibly smart choice for any theatre company looking to make a difference.