Recommended by Hannah Vaughn

  • Animal Control
    10 Nov. 2023
    Great script! Complex, interesting dynamics at play between the characters and such a heart-wrenching topic. The pacing and the dialogue all feel on point. It is an engaging read and it would be great to see this come to life on stage.
    18 May. 2019
    This is a captivating play with incredible wit and beautifully complex characters. It is engaging from the very start and keeps you hooked. There is so much humor alongside the pain and sorrow. It makes you face a lot of hard truths about academia and about being true to yourself. I so enjoyed this play!
    26 May. 2018
    This is an extremely well-crafted and deeply engaging play. I connected with the characters and was drawn into this world and the relationships. I think it will leave a lot of readers and audiences facing important questions about their own beliefs and behaviors.
  • The Violet Sisters
    7 Oct. 2017
    This is a beautiful and heartbreaking play. I was captivated from start to finish and was swept up by every secret as it was unpacked and held up to the light. Extremely well done!