Recommended by Alexa Derman

  • This Bitch: Esta Sangre Quiero
    4 Jul. 2023
    Maximalist, bananas, delicious, vivacious, laugh out loud funny. A queer explosion of bonkers farcical hilarity. I will never see J*jo S*wa the same way again.
    23 May. 2023
    Saw this at Summerworks and tang captures the uncanny shitshow that is being alive when you didn’t ask to be born amidst the capitalist apocalypse of now with so much precision (and humor).
  • marked green at birth, marked female at birth
    16 May. 2023
    Delicious, dizzying, harrowing, I did not sign up to be perceived in this manner. Grounded and also madcap raucous wild theatrical. A freakin' feat.
  • happy life
    28 Sep. 2022
    It's hard to stop thinking about this play once you've encountered it: it's sticky, gooey, its remnants cling to you. Happy Life is at deliciously dense but also so playful, horrifying and hilarious. It feels like what it feels like to be alive right now -- everything melting into cosmic soup and bureacracy and nightmares.
    17 Sep. 2022
    This play is at once tight and sprawling, super focused and wild/raucous. It captures a certain kind of delicious Jewish American humor SO well -- the sad-happy, deranged-joyful of it. Really complicated and yet also a total romp.
    31 Jan. 2022
    This play is outrageously funny, whip-smart, and wholly original. Really ambitious and also so well-paced and well-structured. Also just a lot of fun.
  • I thought I would die but I didn't
    10 Jan. 2022
    This play is elusive, slippery, disorienting, strange -- all the things I crave in a play.
  • The Incubators
    17 Apr. 2020
    This surprising play is exceptionally well-crafted. Tight, perfectly paced, and very deft. I likewise appreciated how the characters resist simple stereotypes, and the play itself resists judgement. It’s also very, very funny.
  • In
    11 Jan. 2020
    I love this beautiful, raw, tender play.
  • Architecture of Rain
    3 Nov. 2019
    It was such a privilege to be involved in this play as a student. A haunting, beautiful, spellbinding piece. The opportunities for creativity in this play from a production standpoint are boundless. It challenged and inspired the cast, crew, and audience in a really special way.